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Why validation is important?

Most ERP software vendors offer “marketplaces” for customers to select extensions to the ERP their applications. However, not all extensions within our Acumatica Marketplace are validated. The process of validation is designed to verify the extension works as described and it accurately integrates with the current release(s) of the ERP system. Based on their functionality and level of integrated solution, not all product extensions are validated or need to be validated. It takes significant time and resources from both the ERP vendor and the 3rd party ISV to validate an extension. But, validation provides a level of assurance to the customer that the extension will perform properly.

Please note

The Acumatica Marketplace is a service to assist our business customers and is not intended for individual consumer use. Acumatica Marketplace has no responsibility or liability on any kind for the third-party software, solutions, services, and training listed on the site. Acumatica Marketplace certifies the integrations in our labs, but does not warrant or endorse the third-party software application functionality. You are solely responsible for selecting, evaluating, and determining whether any third-party offering listed on this site is appropriate for your use, and your use of any such offering will be subject solely to the terms agreed between you and the party offering the software, solution, service or training.

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