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WorkMax TIME is an easy-to-use cloud-based employee time tracking solution for the construction industry. No matter how simple or complex payroll is, WorkMax TIME tracks employee hours, tasks, and units completed in real-time to simplify job costing to end projects on time and on budget.
WorkMax TIME provides accurate labor and job costs on any device for any size business and shows only the relevant jobs, tasks, and completed work. WorkMax TIME can automate permission profiles based on the project cost structure from your accounting system. No more pick lists with over 100 options for your employees to select from in the field. WorkMax TIME also uses true facial recognition on Clock IN/OUT and provides a match percentage when it’s outside your predetermined accuracy threshold.
Unlike any other employee time tracking solution on the market, WorkMax TIME has the flexibility to handle multiple workflows for time entry and allocation with options for employees and/or supervisors to enter or allocate time. The multiple workflows now give businesses the freedom to manage and allocate labor hours and costs in real-time, after-the-fact, or with digital timesheets. Businesses are not limited to one workflow; they can utilize one or all of the workflows all at the same time.

WorkMax TIME integrates with the top accounting, payroll, and HR systems used by the construction industry. WorkMax TIME’s robust integration can mirror your organizational and project cost structure so that your employees only see the relevant job cost data for jobs, locations, cost codes, or tasks for the ultimate job cost accuracy. WorkMax is so fast and easy for the field employees to use. The result is that the team in the office gets the most accurate job cost information back to the office in near real-time.
WorkMax TIME is part of the WorkMax platform that simplifies managing all of your mobile resources all in one place for tracking time, assets, and mobile forms
Simplify employee time tracking for the construction industry with an easy-to-use cloud solution that integrates with the top accounting, payroll, and HR systems. No matter how simple or complex payroll or job costing is, WorkMax TIME accurately tracks employee hours, tasks, and units completed in real-time. Your job costs are accurate with WorkMax’s true facial recognition with a match percentage, Production Unit tracking in the Time App, and multiple workflows for time entry and allocation.

Acumatica Certified Application
  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica
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Key features

  • To make time entry easy for employees and accurate for payroll, employees can enter time with or without internet service
  • Automated face recognition compares the profile image of employees to their clock IN/OUT photos and provides a match per action
  • Three flexible time collection, and job cost allocation workflows are available. Choose 1, 2, 3 or all three to fit your needs
  • GPS location services tracks where employees are on clock IN/OUT or when they change tasks/cost codes for accurate labor
  • WorkMax’s Permission Profiles mirror the accounting system’s job cost and organizational structure to show only relevant information to that project
  • WorkMax TIME’s clock jumping feature allows employees to clock in or out of any mobile device across time zones or in th
  • WorkMax’s cloud-based platform is one app for time, asset, and forms tracking
  • In one app, employees Clock IN/OUT as they Check OUT/IN assets and complete safety checklists
  • Access through mobile iOS or Android apps to connect mobile, remote and office employee
  • Handles quick and simple payrolls, as well as complex employee time tracking with unlimited pay groups, periods, and payrolls
  • Automate lunch and break deductions
  • Unlimited user roles and permissions to fit businesses as they grow in the number of employees and in complexity
  • Flex-fields allows businesses to personalize with industry terminology for rapid user adoption
  • Visual time allocation makes it easy for supervisors to quickly and accurately allocate time to improve job costs
  • Powerful and configurable integrations with many accounting systems and business applications
  • Can be used standalone or take advantage of the seamless integration with Workmax FORMS or WorkMax ASSETS
  • Collect unlimited employee time records from different locations, tasks, and time zones for true job costs
  • Eliminate re-keying of data with payroll integration
  • Improves customer satisfaction with real-time updates on what was accomplished today and who performed the work

About AboutTime Technologies

Since 2003, AboutTime Technologies has been a leader in mobile resource management and connected mobile workforces to simplify managing labor, assets, and business forms for companies of all sizes. In 2016, they launched WorkMax, a cloud-based platform available as a suite or individual solution for TIME, FORMS, and ASSETS. WorkMax’s robust integration with Acumatica’s Construction Edition tracks mobile forms, hours, locations, completed work by cost code, assets, and even more. WorkMax’s unique integration with Acumatica’s organizational and project cost structure shows employees only the relevant data on any device no matter where they are for flawless job cost accuracy.

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