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Go Formz Integration

Introducing the seamless integration between GoFormz and Acumatica, revolutionizing how field documents and data are distributed, completed, gathered, and stored. With this powerful solution, your teams can easily switch from paper-based to digital forms, simplifying user work while ensuring consistency in formatting. GoFormz forms can be designed from your existing forms or built from scratch. Your team can easily fill them out and complete them from any device, be it a phone, tablet, or computer, even in offline environments. This flexibility enables field teams to operate efficiently from any job site or office location, regardless of connectivity limitations.

Capture and upload images directly to your forms? Absolutely!
Add signatures? Certainly!
Include GPS location? Absolutely!
Use simple drop-downs populated with Acumatica values? Pre-fill forms? Send emails upon completion? Yes, yes, and yes – all of these features are at your fingertips.

As the official GoFormz integration Partner for Acumatica, Asgard Alliance Inc offers comprehensive services to ensure smooth GoFormz Integration.Our team takes the time to understand your specific form requirements, so we can design custom forms that precisely fit your needs. We also create GoFormz Workflows to facilitate seamless communication between Acumatica and your forms. If you wish, we can further customize your environment to unlock the full potential of bidirectional integration. This will enable smooth data exchange between your Acumatica system and your forms. Furthermore, we create and install all necessary screens, fields, GIs, and Push Notifications to ensure seamless integration with GoFormz.

Let us handle your GoFormz forms because we have the expertise and experience to implement and integrate them seamlessly. Once you engage our team, your digital forms will be ready to use in Acumatica in no time.

For more information about GoFormz, please visit our partner section: [https://www.acumatica.com/acumatica-marketplace/goformz-goformz-mobile-forms].

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  • Connected with Acumatica
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Key features

  • Work on phones, tablets, and computers, even while offline
  • Integrate with virtually any Acumatica entity, standard or custom, in and out
  • Use Acumatica to its fullest with Push Notifications, Generic Inquiries and API integrations
  • Trigger your Go Formz documents and workflows with your own business needs
  • Add signatures, GPS location, images and other documents to your Go Formz forms
  • Bring back your forms as PDF attachments in Acumatica or even other cloud storage solution
  • Bring back Key data points to any Acumatica table for further processing, even custom fields or attributes

About Asgard Alliance Software

Asgard Alliance Software is a Montreal-based company with more than 25 years of ERP software development and implementation experience.
We are a team of professionals specializing in ERP customizations and API integrations for Acumatica.

We are extremely passionate about what we do, which translates into positive client experiences and rewarding results on both sides. Our many years of experience, fresh creativity and unwavering dedication sets us apart from the competition and distinguishes Asgard Alliance as the preferred ERP development services partner. All of our developers are Acumatica certified and we even have our own Developer MVP.

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