The Ever-Evolving Acumatica Cloud ERP Platform

Acumatica Cloud ERP is purpose-built on a modern cloud platform, providing growing businesses with the most cost-effective, flexible, and efficient way to deploy and support mission-critical business management applications without significant capital investment and staffing increases.
  • Universal platform
  • Familiar environment
  • Low-code / no-code customization
  • Industry-leading usability
  • Essential scalability
  • On-the-go mobility

Building the future of business, together.

Acumatica is different by design. We’re built on the conviction that thriving small and midsize businesses are the heart of the modern, digital economy—and they need tools that empower every person to innovate, collaborate, and anticipate what’s next.

The Acumatica Cloud ERP platform is built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology and provides the tools to reimagine business applications for an interconnected world. The ever-evolving architectural framework and application development platform is driven by user feedback to empower business users to tailor the system with role-based security and low-code / no-code customization tools for a personalized ERP experience.

A more dynamic and digital world demands more connected and collaborative solutions. We are an ecosystem of partners, customers, and creators invested in seeing tomorrow’s leading businesses grow on their terms. Together, we are driven to continuously seek out better ways to work to redefine business management software for everyone.

Developers can easily customize and extend the application to meet unique business and industry requirements. The adaptable, scalable, and extensible Acumatica Cloud provides developers and software companies speed to market, significantly reducing cost and delivering a modern SaaS offering at scale without compromise.

“Acumatica’s architecture was one of the main deciding factors from the IP side. It has well-established APIs, well-built cloud infrastructure, and real solid accounting. It was built for mid-sized businesses to help them grow in the long run. We don’t want to switch accounting systems very often. NetSuite was too expensive, and its architecture is out of date. Most of the other solutions had bolted-on cloud solutions; they just took their existing solution and slapped them into the cloud. Acumatica was built from the ground up to be a cloud solution.”
Aaron Gabrielson
Aaron Gabrielson, CTO
Redmond, Inc.

Acumatica is different by design. Unlike our competitors, we develop, maintain, and support a single ERP product. This strategy ensures that user investment in subscriptions goes toward supporting and maintaining the product they use today and not to another solution or future ERP platform.

Further, our unique customer bill of rights protects user investments with fair and transparent agreements, always-free training, growth-friendly consumption-based licensing, world-class reliability and security, and technology that evolves with every product release.

Cloud platform benefits
Nucleus expects that Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform will continue to be a strong driver of ROI for Acumatica customers and differentiator from other ERP vendors."
Nucleus Research
Seth Lippincott,, Analyst
Nucleus Research

ERP adoption increases when users can access the system on any device. Acumatica’s modern, intuitive interface, personalized workspaces, configurable workflows, role-based dashboards, and flexible reporting and Generic Inquiries provide timely and accurate information to power work forward anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Acumatica’s global solution provides superior usability, AI-powered help, and industry-specific features on a secure and compliant platform for construction, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and professional services.

Business users benefits
The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform has given us a substantial technology lead with a highly functional product in a very sticky niche where no one can catch us for years."
Jeff Foster
Jeffrey Noolas, President and CEO
JAMIS Software

Acumatica’s industry-standard technology and evolving cloud platform make it the leading choice for technical resellers and consultants to tailor the system for complex business and industry scenarios. Leverage no-code and low-code tools and open APIs to minimize source code customization.

Independent software vendors (ISVs) can easily connect to Acumatica, gaining access to thousands of business users and a global network of resellers. Our growing marketplace features over 300 leading apps from industry-leading developers. ERP publishers with legacy applications choose Acumatica as a foundation to build industry-specific systems or as the base for new ERP offerings in international markets.

Developer benefits is a key milestone in Visma's history. Our product is ready for business. More and more companies throughout our region are moving to the Cloud and we want to offer our customers what they want and need. Our strong relationship with Acumatica will ensure that customers will have access to a market leading, scalable, and future-proof platform that will grow with them."
Jeff Foster
Øystein Moan, CEO

Cloud platform benefits

A modern, scalable, and extensible Cloud ERP Platform built exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses and driven by user feedback.

Cloud Platform Overview
Customer Bill of Rights

Acumatica is the only ERP vendor with a published Customer Bill of Rights, which protects customer investments by ensuring honest and ethical business practices—including complete data ownership and fair and transparent licensing agreements without long-term commitments.

Free Online Training

Reduce implementation costs and expedite new employee onboarding with Acumatica Open University online training. Unlike our competitors, education is not a profit center, and the curriculum is updated for every release with always-free access.

Always Free Training

Reduce implementation costs and expedite new employee onboarding with Acumatica Open University online training. Unlike our competitors, education is not a profit center, and the curriculum is updated for every release with always-free access.

Growth-Friendly Licensing

Let as many users as you need access the system, fostering collaboration between employees, customers, vendors, and external business partners. Use the CRM Customer Portal to facilitate customer self-service and communication and share files via embedded document management with Adobe PDF markup and Microsoft Teams integration.

Rapid Implementation

Maximize your return on investment with rapid implementation tools. Import records and transactions using predefined CSV, XML, Microsoft Excel, or custom APIs.  Cut implementation costs by 50% or more. Rapid implementations are possible in weeks or months, not years.

Consistent Availability and Reliability

Achieve 99.9% system uptime with the world’s most secure infrastructure provider – Amazon Web Services (AWS). With an SLA that includes disaster recovery, backup service, 24/7 access, high availability, monitoring, software updates, application maintenance, and Acumatica’s industry-leading performance.

Connected Applications

Improve operational efficiency and data accuracy with seamlessly connected applications and a comprehensive repository that eliminates out-of-sync data silos.  Acumatica is the only ERP system that enables users to move seamlessly across any or all modules in a single uninterrupted workflow.  This means every module accesses a centralized database with the same user experience across the application.

Benefits for business users

Transform your business with an intuitive and configurable ERP Platform designed for your industry

Digital Transformation

Maximize your ERP software investment.  Acumatica’s products and platform undergo continuous investment and improvement, ensuring no customer is left behind.

Superior Usability

Eliminate long learning curves and maximize operational efficiency with Acumatica’s logical menu navigation toolbar and familiar user interface to foster rapid software adoption across the internal organization and external trading partners.  Our customers consistently rate us the highest in the industry for usability across numerous analyst reports and surveys. (G2 Reviews, Nucleus Value Matrix, ITRG Data Quadrant, and Emotional Footprint).

Global Solution

Built for domestic and global small and mid-sized organizations, Acumatica offers an environment with embedded culture and language support, multi-tenancy, multi-company, multi-currency, and numerous statutory International and tax compliance inquiry and reporting capabilities.  Maintain the user interface and wikis in various languages.  Acumatica ERP includes U.S. English and French-Canadian language options.

Best-In-Class Industry Editions

Born in the cloud, industry editions extend the value of Acumatica cloud ERP with solutions built specifically for manufacturing, construction, distribution, retail, professional services, and organizations with general financial requirements. The mobile-enabled industry suites are accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any device, whether in the field, at the job site, in the warehouse, or in the office.

Customizable Data Models

With extensible data models, users can add unlimited objects, fields, and relationships, defining business rules to support any monetization model through the built-in customization module.

Configurable Workflows and Alerts

Work the way you want to work.  Tailor business process workflows to match how you do business. Configure approval and assignment maps to match business process flows without programming knowledge. Create business events for text or email alerts to manage your business by exception. Notify users by email, mobile notification, SMS, or Microsoft Teams. Build notification templates using ERP data and include dynamic links to make it easy for users to take action.

Modern Security

Know you are protected. Acumatica uses extremely robust enterprise-grade security features such as server-side logic, detailed access controls, rigorous role-based access, and two-factor authentication – along with a complete security model for all aspects of the applications, data, reports, and devices.

Reporting and Analytics

Access hundreds of standard reports out-of-the-box and tailor them to your organization.  Quickly create new tailored reports, pivot tables, generic inquiries, and business intelligence dashboards for real-time, actionable insights without coding.   Utilize our seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI for additional insights via robust analytical tools.

Unlimited User Licensing

Acumatica’s growth-friendly licensing model enables businesses to provide access to every employee without additional costs. Businesses can provide access for full-time employees, part-time help, seasonal workers, customers, vendors, tax accountants, consulting organizations, and more.

Dual Layers of Support

We have your back. Customers have access to Acumatica support in addition to their certified implementation partner. We work in tandem with your local partner to solve any issue or challenge that may arise.

On-the-Go Mobility

Work from anywhere, anytime. The native Mobile ERP application supports iOS or Android devices. The responsive design allows users to take advantage of various screen sizes, orientations, and resolutions. Capture and attach expense receipts, time entries, and electronic signatures on the go, collaborate across teams, and foster proactive decision-making. Use your phone for GPS navigation or your microphone to record field notes. Users can also personalize their favorite links, widgets, workspaces, dashboards, and reports on their mobile devices.

Government Ready

Government agencies and related public-sector organizations can host Acumatica on a private cloud or Acumatica’s public cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Customers can also use Amazon’s GovCloud platform for compliant data security and ITAR compliance.

Industry Compliance Manageability

Acumatica is designed to comply with regulatory and industry compliance across a broad global industry landscape of the customer ecosystem, including GAAP, IFRS, SOC 3, GDPR, SSAE 3402, HIPPA, GDPR, CSA, and more.

Essential Scalability

Growing businesses need technology that adapts to changing workloads and business expansion. Acumatica is engineered to meet the needs of smaller organizations and address the complex requirements of rapidly growing companies or seasonal businesses—allowing them to expand on their terms.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify user security with silent logins to Acumatica using Microsoft’s Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s Live ID, or Google’s OAuth 2.0 client IDs. System administrators can also configure Acumatica access using OKTA, OneLogin, or other OpenID provider portals.

Document Management

Create and manage help files and company-specific documentation using a built-in wiki. Attach file attachments in any format to documents so bills, contracts, diagrams, etc. can be accessed directly from the related ERP document. Utilize database storage or Amazon S3 file storage.


Minimize input errors and save time when creating similar records with document templates and copy-and-paste options for most forms used for data entry.

Benefits for Business Users

Benefits for developers

Tailor Acumatica for users, extend the platform with ISV Apps, or use it as the foundation for industry or global ERP development.

Cloud Platform for Developers
Speed to Market

ISVs bring their apps to market faster with Acumatica’s easy-to-implement web services, RESTful APIs, and webhooks. Sell more with a built-in reseller channel and access to thousands of avid users.  ERP publishers with legacy systems or publishers serving international markets benefit from Acumatica’s OEM program, enabling them to rebuild aging applications on a modern and extensive cloud business management platform.

Industry Standard Technology

Take advantage of advanced extensibility capabilities and rapid release cycles with our advanced platform, built on a familiar industry-standard .NET Framework and .NET Core, HTML 5, and Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence with machine learning is infused throughout the ERP application to automate traditionally manual processes around accounts payable bills, expense matching, OCR scanning for documents, and many other business processes.  Embedded AI algorithms surface potential anomalies before final posting.

Protects Investments

Abstract application code from technology changes through the Acumatica middle tier.

Flexible Deployment Models

Acumatica provides both public and private cloud deployment models with the flexibility to switch deployment strategies as their business needs evolve.

Extend the Business Functionality

Modify or extend the system without impacting existing business logic. The flexible platform can be infinitely extended for easy and robust configuration of business rules, workflow, reports, dashboards, performance ratings, transactions, APIs, formulas, and supplementing business logic.

  • Add new fields to the database architecture.
  • Incorporating new fields into the UI in the most logical location.
  • Incorporate numerical data into unique formulas.
  • Create custom workflows using an intuitive workflow engine designed for business professionals.
  • Utilize webhooks, REST, and SOAP APIs to integrate with external systems.
Custom Development

Broaden customer opportunities with .NET Core and ASP.NET Core to build open source, cross-platform, cloud applications accessible from Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and mobile devices. Utilize relational and NoSQL data repositories with support for Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition, IBM DB2, and Oracle.

Developer Support

Acumatica supports ISV and developer partners via dedicated account managers with direct access to technical support. Developers receive pre-release versions of Acumatica to test their applications. The thriving developer community is deeply engaged at the annual Hackathon during the Acumatica Summit, online in special developer forums on the Acumatica Community site, and Acumatica’s developer-only Virtual Dev/Con.

Business platform features and applications

Set a rock-solid foundation for success with a future-proof cloud platform.
Harsha Sarjapur
"We leveraged Acumatica's framework and built niche vertical solutions for Promotional Products and Jewelry Industry. We continue to explore and build new plugins/extensions using the xRP platform. I would highly encourage any developer out there to utilize what ADN program has to offer in building enterprise wide solution. It lowers your development cost, time and has a high ROI in building rich modern web applications."
Harsha Sarjapur, President
InfoSourcing Inc

Powering many business solutions

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