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CirrusPrint - Cloud and Network Printing

CirrusPrint is designed to manage and streamline printing and document delivery across networks. It solves cloud migration problems related to printing, improving performance, simplifying configuration and maintenance, and securing documents as they are sent across the Internet. It also provides the most direct and immediate method to deliver documents to your users.

CirrusPrint runs on Windows and Linux, in the cloud or your own data center. It accepts print jobs and other documents, parses and compresses them, and delivers them to remote printers, file systems or users. Integration with applications is simple and flexible: print to it like any network printer, email files to it, drop files into it, send PDF files from your browser, or use the REST API.

Print jobs sent through CirrusPrint arrive quickly and securely at remote printers, as precise duplicates of the original print job. Documents can also be sent directly to users, bypassing the clutter and overhead of email. Files dropped on the server can land at remote locations automatically. You can email PDFs files to your printers. Each of these delivery mechanisms takes advantage of CirrusPrint’s patented compression and easy configuration and management. Acumatica users can send PDF files directly from their browser to any configured device, or set up scheduled reports and templates to email printers or file systems, enabling unattended printing and document distribution tasks.

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Key features

  • Secure transmission through firewalls using SSL
  • Both standard and patented compression reduces bandwidth
  • Print with no user intervention or loss of printer feature control
  • Robust fault tolerance
  • Stateless design delivers documents when sites are available
  • Server-centric configuration, multi- or single-tenant capability

About Synergetic Data Systems, Inc.

Synergetic Data Systems Inc., commonly known as SDSI, was founded in 1988 with the mission of creating software that is both useful and powerful. Over the many years since then, we have published a number of tools that fulfill that mission. Be sure to check out one of our new solutions, CirrusPrint. CirrusPrint is designed to manage and streamline printing and document delivery across networks. https://cirrusprint.com/

With well over 10,000 installations of SDSI software around the world, we are a highly respected software company in all the markets we serve. Our products are known for offering more features, more power, more value, and more reliability than competing products and may be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. We are also known for offering outstanding support to our customers.





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