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EasyPost offers a Shipping API that solves complex logistics problems for online merchants, enabling the delivery of an online shopping experience that delights customers. Our best-in-class Shipping APIs provide end-to-end flexibility and more control over parcel shipping and logistics processes for eCommerce retailers, fulfillment centers, marketplaces, and enterprises.

We enable thousands of customers to ship millions of packages each month. We reduce development time and remove logistical complexities out of your way so that you can focus on growing your business.

Create a free account and start shipping with dozens of carriers. No fees on 120,000 packages per year, and your first $500 is on EasyPost"

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served
Cross industries

Key features

  • Rate shop between dozens of carriers
  • Easily purchase and print labels
  • Expand internationally with our global carrier network
  • Access new carriers instantly
  • Manifests and scan form support for connected carriers
  • Shipping via Amazon for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders

About EasyPost

EasyPost is a Shipping API that solves complex logistics problems for eCommerce businesses, enabling them to deliver an online shopping experience that delights customers. We power the shipping infrastructure of the internet and enable our users to grow their shipping volume at scale. Founded as the the first RESTful Shipping API, we continue to innovate and simplify shipping for all.

Let’s get shipping.

Customer Reviews

Augello, Mike
I-Tech Support, Inc.
Easy to set up and it works well
January 25th, 2022

Once our client set up their EasyPost account, it was very easy to enter their credentials in Acumatica and set up a test account. Upon going live, the system just worked without any issues. Our client was very happy.

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