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EazyStock Inventory Optimization Solution

EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory optimization solution with a pre-built connector to integrate with your Acumatica ERP and/or MRP. EazyStock automates your inventory management to reduce excess inventory, increase your service level, decrease the amount of time spent on manual inventory management and overall save both time and money.

EazyStock works with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and construction companies to strategically manage their inventory from raw materials down to finished goods.

EazyStock has an existing connector to Acumatica with bi-directional sync, and our software subscription includes the connector. For manufacturers using Acumatica MRP, the connector pushes the forecast and inventory parameters back to Acumatica. The connector makes it easy to get started with EazyStock. You can be optimizing your inventory in under a week!

EazyStock will help you calculate optimal safety stock levels, order levels and order quantities as well as:
• Automate your forecasts
• Identify item demand patterns
• Propose purchase orders
• Generate inventory redistribution suggestions
• Give you a full view of your inventory with ready-made KPIs and reports

EazyStock is developed and supported by Syncron, a leading provider of inventory management solutions and trusted by leading global brands in 100+ countries around the world. Built on Syncron’s powerful platform, EazyStock is the perfect solution for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers looking to optimize their inventory management with features such as automated demand forecasting, replenishment execution, multi-location planning, seasonality, supplier management and more.

EazyStock is powerful inventory optimization – made simple.

Interested in seeing what EazyStock can do for your inventory management? Contact your Acumatica VAR or contact us at www.EazyStock.com for a Stock Health Analysis to see the ROI EazyStock would bring to your business.

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  • Connected with Acumatica
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Replenishment and Purchasing Automation
  • Seasonality Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Multi-location Planning
  • Inventory Redistribution
  • Virtual Warehousing
  • KPIs and Reports
  • Bill of Material or Kit Planning

About Syncron AB

EazyStock is a SaaS tool for small- and mid-sized businesses developed by Syncron, the global leader in cloud-based aftermarket service optimization. Syncron has been trusted by enterprise-sized global brands for 20 years now, and the EazyStock solution brings this expertise to SMBs. Syncron is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with offices worldwide including US offices in Atlanta and Chicago.


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Customer Reviews

Wilkins, Dan
Bell and Company
Ongoing Support, Powerful Functionalities, and Deep Inventory Optimization Solution
November 3rd, 2021

EazyStock has helped us gain a deeper insight for our inventory optimization. Their team has been so supportive from day one. They are very attentive to our requirements, and the EazyStock’s team has continually helped us adjust parameters to fit our needs. They also helped us adapt to using the software and are always accessible.

The user-friendly and intuitive GUI makes it really easy to navigate the screens in EazyStock. There is a lot of data in the solution around products, suppliers, inventory health and more. Plus the team is only ever a phone call or email away (shout out to Chris Austin!) to answer any questions.

Cornelius, Clyde
Reliability and Functionality - Great Inventory Tool and Amazing Customer Support
February 16th, 2021

We have been using EazyStock since October 2020 to complement Acumatica. We went live on Acumatica and quickly connected to EazyStock shortly afterwards. The whole integration was fast and seamless since EazyStock has a pre-built connector to Acumatica. We started with EazyStock while we were using our SouthWare ERP. When we fully migrated and went live on Acumatica, the integration with EazyStock took less than a day with the connector. From day one on Acumatica, we already had all our SKU and sales data from our SouthWare ERP so we had that inventory automation right away.
Our main challenge was how much time we were spending on manual administration for our inventory management. We would manually set min/max levels for our inventory in our ERP, so we’d constantly have to comb through all the different SKUs to make sure we were ordering appropriate amounts. This is an automated process in EazyStock, plus it’s more dynamic than just min/max; the software has robust algorithms taking more data into account to generate accurate forecasts and order recommendations. Now we’re able to efficiently review the order recommendations from EazyStock and submit them directly to our Acumatica ERP.
The team at EazyStock is also part of the reason why this transition has gone so smoothly. They have a solid understanding of how EazyStock complements Acumatica and how to help us best use their software. When we were first evaluating EazyStock through our partner Opus, they listened to our challenges and suggested ways for us to improve our business processes for the quickest ROI. They’re always quick to answer any questions we may have and are really helpful and attentive when it comes to resolving any issues. We highly recommend EazyStock for anyone needing more powerful inventory management for their Acumatica ERP.
-Very Satisfied Customer

Malkin Vali, Mr.
Opus Global Data Solutions, LLC
MVP for Clients & Supportive ISV Partner
October 21st, 2020

EazyStock is a deep Inventory Optimization solution that enhances Acumatica Distribution to ensure our customers have a seamless and robust experience. It provides optimal replenishment parameters, automates manual processes, handles challenging seasonal demand patterns, order fill-up capabilities, KPIs, multi-warehouse levels balancing, flexible querying that allows working not just by exception, but also other approaches such as product line, supplier, most important items and more. Work that took clients weeks is done in days or hours.

As a VAR its critical to partner with ISVs that understand the customer pains and offer a solution that easily justifies the cost with a significant ROI to the market.

Responsive and very supportive team that works closely with us to ensure the success of our clients. EazyStock provides access across their entire organization. From Partner Management, Customer Management, Marketing, and Executive Sponsorship, all focused on ensuring all are prospering.

Amazing team and solution. Recommend with no reservations.

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