eBA:Contract Manager for Acumatica

eBA: Contract Manager is built on eBA that is a powerful enterprise content management platform.

Contract Manager helps companies manage three types of contracts:

Approval and archiving of signed contracts,
Control, approve and signing of a template contract,
Creation, control, approval and signing of a new contract document.

Typical set of contents of a contract are as follows:

Vendor details,
Purchasing order details,
Contract details,
Penalty terms,
Warranty terms.
Contracts can be reviewed and approved based on your company’s internal structure and hierarchy. Approvals can be traced in workflow history.
Contracts can be signed with an electronic signature and alternatively with DocuSign.
Approved and signed documents can be stored on Acumatica and on eBA as well for future review and retrieval.
This solution has a dashboard capability to track contract management activities in real time.
eBA has also many modules:
Workflow Management
• Sector / Department Independent Process Management
• Integration Service (MIS)
• Ready Integration with ERP Systems
• Electronic Mail
• Native Mobile Application
• Rule Engine
Document Management
• SAP Content Storage
• DriveBA
• Versioning
• Office 365 Integration
• Intelligent Virtual Folder Structure
• Full Text Search
• Office Add-Ons
• Localization Support
• Systematic Storage
Dashboard Module
• Graphical Analysis
• Quick and Easy Report Design
• Data Consolidation
• Plain and Simple Notation
Capture (Digitization)
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Digital Archive
• Image Enhancement Features
• Smart Form Processing
• Intelligent Character Recognition
• Indexing
General Capabilities of eBA:
• Create your corporate memory, create your folders, upload, authorize and index your documents with eBA Workflow and Document Management System.
• Also turn this data into visual reports.
• With eBA, get rid of your no added value works, increase your profitability, reduce your costs and increase productivity by using your time effectively.
• Improve your performance by prioritizing value and use your resources effectively. Integrate your content into your processes in digital transformation!
• In today's conditions where the importance of agility is increasing day by day, transfer your business processes to digital and give your approvals with Bimser eBA Business Process Automation (BPA) and speed up your processes.
• Design your role-based workflows and forms with drag-and-drop rapid flow design technology. Moreover, no matter what sector your institution is in, manage the operational processes of all departments in an integrated manner in a digital environment. Perform all actions such as approval and rejection via the IOS and Android Native Mobile application.
• Designed workflows can be quickly and easily integrated with ERP Systems or other enterprise applications. You can also secure your data by logging into the system more securely with a second authentication channel (Two Factor Authentication) other than your password.
• By standardizing your business processes, you can monitor your processes and reduce your process costs with the Process-Oriented Business Model.
Installation Models
• Perpetual (On – Premise)
This installation model is known as “on-site installation“. The platform is built on servers and databases provided by you. Servers are prepared with the specified server and database configuration and installed by Bimser with remote connection or on-site support.

The platform can also be licensed by 2 ways o subscription model.
• With your own cloud
• With our cloud
Licensing Models
• User Based
It is the licensing based on the number of users who will actively use the platform. It is determined as person-based (named user based) licensing.
• Core Based
In cases where the number of users is too high, the platform is used with unlimited users. The method looked at as a license is the Core number.
• Project Based
Project-based licensing restricts the number of projects that can be designed. With User-based and Core-based licensing, unlimited processes and projects can be designed on the platform.

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica
Industry Served
Cross industries

Key features

  • Easy to use
  • Quick to deploy
  • Manages your vendor contracts
  • Helps manage internal approvals for contracts
  • Native mobile app available
  • Dashboard capabilities for executive use
  • Electronic signature
  • Agile flow design
  • Process Oriented Business Model
  • Fast and Easy Integration with Erp Systems
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Delegation Infrastructure


Bimser International Corporation is a passionate enterprise software development company based in New York. Bimser has been developing enterprise software products since 1998. As your digital transformation partner, At Bimser International, we believe in the power of simplicity. Simplicity increases productivity, boosts employee and customer satisfaction, reduces cost and improves bottom-line at any workplace. Our enterprise software products make this belief come true anywhere in the world.Bimser International is the maker is eBA: Enterprise Content Management Platform, QDMS: Quality, Risk and Compliance Management Software and BEAM: Enterprise Asset&Maintenance Management System.



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