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AcuLoan is your complete Loan Management and Information Software designed within the Acumatica Framework to handle most types of finance loans such as installment sales, staff loans, student loans, term loans, vehicle loans and many more.

AcuLoan calculates interest on daily balance using fixed or linked interest rates, and capitalizes monthly.

Use Acumatica CRM to process and approve the loan application, collate documentation and quote the customer.

Standard functions and reporting include Settlements, Loan Restructures, Write-offs, Payment & Debit Order Processing, Age Analysis, Collections and Interest Rate Changes.

AcuLoan may be used for Debtor and Creditor Loans in combination.

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served
Cross industries or Financial Services

Key features

  • Interest bearing Loan Management - Interest fixed or linked
  • Loan Pre-Approval Processing using Acumatica CRM
  • Suitable for Term Loans, Staff Loans, Vehicle & Equipment loans and many more
  • Settlements, Write-offs, Restructures, Fees & Charges
  • Automated Loan Collections Processing including Debit Order Generation
  • Interest Calculated on Daily Balance, 360/365 days & Capitalized Monthly
  • Dynamic Loan Age Analysis, Real-time Reporting
  • Management Dashboards and Collection Functionality

About FBA Software

FBA Software is a Software development company specializing in financial and business applications.

All development for Acumatica has been done within the Acumatica framework so the products have an Acumatica look and feel and take advantage of the many automation tools that Acumatica has to offer.


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