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Fusion Build Your Own Product

BYP allows users to build a custom stock item via a flexible, rules and options-based product definition within Acumatica. Based on the options they select for the product; customers can build and price a unique stock item using this functionality.

BYP replaces “Bundle” Product in the now-retired Product Configurator solution.

Acumatica Certified Application
  • Fulfilled by Acumatica
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform

Key features

  • Define other stock or non-stock items as configurable options to build a custom product.
  • Reduce the overall SKU count within the product catalog by allowing a single
  • BYP SKU to represent all combinations/choices on a custom product.
  • Utilize attributes as configurable options as well.
  • Calculate product price dynamically based on the chosen options.
  • Define complex “include” and “exclude” rules to determine which options can or cannot be used with each other.
  • Allocate costs automatically based on the chosen options.
  • Support salespersons by allowing them to easily identify available choices for custom products.
  • Allocate inventory for chosen options at the time of creating the sales order preventing oversell.
  • Create serialized inventory for each configured BYP SKU, allowing for standard Acumatica operations including returns.
  • View all serial numbers for previously created BYP products.
  • Enhanced forms (Order confirmation, Pick List, Shipment Confirmation, etc.) to show chosen options.
  • Use standard Acumatica import scenarios to import products in bulk.
  • Use reason codes to track inventory allocation and reporting.
  • Ship in full or partially based on the availability of the product options, as per the configuration.
  • Use BYP when creating sales quotations or orders.

About Kensium LLC

Kensium is Acumatica’s Official Commerce Partner and one of the longest-serving ISVs in the Acumatica ecosystem. We evaluate and deploy modern ecommerce and ERP technologies in the ecommerce / retail space, so you can optimize back-office operations, multiply your traffic, AOV, conversion rates, and repeat customers.

We have a full-service Acumatica ERP practice, with the largest team of Acumatica developers in the world. Our essential suite of Acumatica products branded as Fusion include Commerce Connectors, B2B Solutions, Marketplace Integrations, Shipping Integrations, Payment Gateways, Point-of-Sale, and Warehouse Management systems, and will help achieve your Omni-Channel vision with Acumatica as the source of truth!


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