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Nomad eCommerce provides a suite of cloud-based solutions that digitally transform how companies interact with their customers. Nomad has developed a B2B web centric platform that delivers eCommerce, customer account portals and payments; all integrated with Acumatica. Its functionality supports manufacturers who need web support for a range of product configurations; from simple filtration to full customization, as part of their ordering process.

Nomad delivers a full-service stack solution including hosting, implementation, configuration and ongoing support. Your deployment success starts with our skilled design team. We work directly with you to custom design each website/shopping cart that incorporates your branding, color scheme, messaging and desired checkout process to create the type of customer experience you want to provide. This way, you can be assured that the company that is providing the solution & integration to Acumatica, is also there to design & implement your vision and support you as you begin your new eCommerce journey.

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Key features

  • B2B centric web platform that focuses on mid-market ERP customers
  • Full-service stack solution including hosting, installation, configuration & support
  • Ability to leverage key data in Acumatica; items, customers, pricing, etc.
  • Supports product configurations, from simple filtration to full customization, as part of the ordering process
  • Personalize your customers online journey
  • Create a Digital Self for Acumatica customers to showcase and sell their products

About Nomad eCommerce, Inc.

Located in O’Fallon, IL, a suburb of St. Louis, Nomad has been in business for over 20 years, developing web and eCommerce solutions. Nomad eCommerce provides a cloud-based webstore, universal catalog, content management system, account portal and payment solutions, along with deep integration to/from specific mid-market ERP systems. Nomad enables customers to enhance the value of their ERP solution.


Nomad eCommerce with Acumatica

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