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Positive Pay - Detect Fraudulent Checks

PC Bennett Solutions

Positive Pay makes it easier to detect fraudulent checks by automatically cross-referencing check data with the checks your company receives or issues. Data such as serial numbers and dollar amounts of checks are referenced to make sure they match on both ends of payment, ultimately reducing fraudulent activity toward your business. Most banks have a Positive Pay service, and with that, PC Bennett provides a product that can connect Acumatica with your bank’s Positive Pay specifications. PC Bennett’s Positive Pay product runs in the background to automatically create the data file in preparation for submission to your bank. Connecting your Positive Pay service with Acumatica and with PC Bennett’s solution not only reduces your company’s risk of fraudulent activity, but also allows you to manage everything through Acumatica’s ERP software.

Acumatica Certified Application
2019 R1
Natively Built with Acumatica
Industry Served:
Cross industries

Key features

  • Seamless Integration - Configured to meet your bank's Positive Pay specifications

  • Secure Your Assets - Reduce your company's risk of fraudulent activity.

  • Batch Uploads - Save time on manual entries. A Positive Pay batch is automatically generated upon the final release of a

  • Simply Your Process - No need to worry about forgetting to submit a pay file, Positive Pay keeps a complete history of a

About PC Bennett Solutions

PC Bennett Solutions helps companies of all sizes increase efficiency and profitability by implementing cutting-edge business management software. We are with you every step of the way and have all of the necessary resources to provide you with a system to manage your entire businesses from end to end.

We also serve other Acumatica partners complement their staff if needed. PC Bennett Partner Services provides Software development, implementation, and training help to other partners.

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