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ShipLinx Integration for Acumatica


As a Gartner top-ranked TMS solution, ShipLinx TMS is a simple, powerful, scalable enterprise-quality TMS for multi-carrier parcel & freight that’s affordable for any business. Plan and execute shipments easier, faster, and smarter. No other TMS has unlimited integrations, transactions, and carriers across all modes to achieve cost savings as quickly.


- Optimized Rating Rules Save Up to 30%
- 90% of Clients Implement in 30 Days
- $0 Professional Services to Provide On-Going Optimization
- See Return on Investment in 30 Days


- Parcel & Freight All in One Place to Simplify Shipping
- Quickly Create Any Shipping Documents
- Instant Rate Updates for All Parcel & Freight Rates & Fuel Surcharges
- TL Spot Quote Auctions Send Shipments Out For Bid To All Carriers & Shows Bids By Price
- Automated Load Building, Consolidation, And Pooling Provides The Best Mode For The Best Price
- Rate Shop to Quickly Find the Best Price For Parcel, LTL & TL
- Invoice Faster With Real-Time Automated POD

- Add Any Shipping Mode As Your Business Grows
- As Transaction Counts Increase, ShipLinx TMS Has No Limitations
- No Limit To The Total Count Of Users, Locations, or Carrier
- You are always Integrated With The Latest Version At All Times For $0
- Add Locations, Carriers, Users, And International Shipping for Free


- Top Rated by Gartner for Usability, Simplicity & Visibility
- One Vendor & One TMS Platform That Grows With You
- Infinite ERP And WMS Integrations To Expedite Invoice Processing & Eliminate Overbilling
- 25K+ Carriers For ALL Modes
- Solve 100% Of Your Problems By Extending RateLinx TMS To Mold To Your Business Processes
- Globally Certified UPS & FedEx

Acumatica Certified Application
  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica
Industry Served
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Powerful Multi-Modal Rating Engine & Rate Repository for All Parcel, LTL & TL in One Place
  • Globally certified with UPS & FedEx and over 25K+ Carriers
  • Rate Shopping by Lowest Rate & Time-In-Transit
  • Unlimited users, locations, carriers, and modes
  • Small Parcel Manifesting
  • $0 Professional Services, Training, Scottsdale-based Tech Support, Personalizations, New Reports, Adding/ Changing Carriers, Locations, Users, and Adding International Are Included At No Charge
  • Inbound, Outbound & 3rd-Party Shipping
  • Customized Shipment Tracking Email Alerts
  • Freight Invoice Integration
  • Extensibility
  • Inbound Portal for Suppliers
  • Visual Reporting
  • TL Spot Quote Auction
  • Automated Packing Slips, Commercial Invoices, eBOLs, ePOD, Labels, International Documents, Packing Lists & Tracking
  • Automated customizable business and rating rules
  • Real-Time ERP, WMS, WES & OMS Integration
  • Load Building, Pooling & Consolidation Optimization
  • Multi-stop TL shipments

About RateLinx

As a market leader and Gartner TMS top-ranked provider, RateLinx optimizes multi-modal freight spend, automates processes, and scales with businesses as their transportation complexity grows. RateLinx clients save up to 30% on freight and audit invoices 92X faster with 100% accuracy. Shippers choose what they need now and expand into the full features of ShipLinx TMS and RateLinx Freight Audit & Pay for any size business. It’s an easy-to-use enterprise-quality TMS that’s affordable, scalable, and powerful for inbound, outbound, and 3rd party shipments. No other transportation management system achieves cost savings as quickly and efficiently.


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