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ShipLinx Integration for Acumatica

The RateLinx Suite, a Gartner top-ranked TMS solution, gives SMBs a competitive edge with the power of an enterprise-quality TMS that’s easy to use and affordable. The RateLinx Suite is an end-to-end TMS platform for your entire shipping lifecycle with individual modules for shipping, tracking, or payments. Our TMS gives SMBs an unprecedented level of advanced analytics and access to the only TMS with prescriptive insights. SMBs are smarter, more productive, and more profitable faster with the RateLinx Suite.


The RateLinx Suite scales with your growing shipping volumes, modes, locations, and carriers. Our specialty is small parcel, LTL, and truckload across all carriers, and our platform also optimizes global inbound and outbound by ocean, air, and more. The RateLinx Suite handles simple logistics for low-volume small parcel shipping to complex multi-modal, multi-location, and multi-leg shipments globally.


With the shipping, tracking, and payment data in one place, our AI and 20+ years of machine learning processes and analyzes real-time data 1000 times faster than humans and generates coherent Prescriptive Insights. Prescriptive Insights make sense of trends and unleash hidden cost savings, streamline processes, and drive productivity. ”There’s no need to ask: what does this number mean, what should I do next, where am I leaving money on the table.” Our text-based insights are straightforward and unfold the story of your logistics data. Innovative businesses confidently make smarter cost-savings decisions faster with our exclusive Prescriptive Insights.


Our best-in-class robust integrations connect shipping, tracking and payment intelligence with any ERP, WMS, or any business system. The innovative integrations future-proof technology investments and maximize the ROI to expand to unlimited carriers, modes, locations, volumes, and ERP or WMS upgrades.

Acumatica Certified Application
  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Small Parcel Compliant
  • All Volumes, Multi-carrier, Multi-modal (parcel, air, courier, intermodal, LTL, ocean, and truckloads), and Multi-location
  • Rating and Routing Logic
  • Routing Guide Compliance
  • Consolidation
  • Pooling
  • Freight Marketplace
  • MABD Rate Shopping
  • Inbound Portal
  • Carrier Management
  • Fully Integrated with Any ERP or WMS
  • Planning and Optimization
  • Rate Modeling
  • Prescriptive Insights
  • Freight Audit and Payment
  • Real-time multi-leg tracking
  • Track and Trace

About RateLinx

As a market leader in enterprise and SMB software, RateLinx makes businesses smarter, more productive, and more profitable faster. Our solutions adapt to the changing demands and grow with retail, ecommerce, manufacturing, and distribution businesses across the globe. RateLinx’s customers, partners, and employees outperform themselves every year.


CASE STUDY - Fortune 100 Saves Millions Annually
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