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Acumatica Property Management Solution

Sprinterra presents Acumatica Property Management - a comprehensive and adaptable cloud application suite engineered for managing Commercial, Residential, Industrial, and Retail Properties.

Acumatica Property Management supports Real Estate projects from inception to development and management with construction and property management components.

The application is one of the industry's most popular due to its unparalleled features and functionalities. Amongst its cutting-edge key features are:
- Lease Management
- Facility Maintenance
- Innovative Multi-entity Reporting
- Accounting & collections
- Flexible Billing & Invoicing Options
- Automation enhanced by AI (artificial intelligence) with ML (machine learning)

Designed with role-based activities, Acumatica Property Management caters to property managers, tenant services, construction managers, finance professionals, real estate investors, as well as sales and marketing executives. Acumatica Property Management platform makes tracking financial and legal documents easier and faster.

Acumatica Property Management streamlines your operations and delivers tailored future-forward solutions.

  • Fulfilled by Acumatica
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served
Property Management or Rental

Key features

  • Facility maintenance
  • Lease management
  • Property accounting
  • Project-cost management
  • Financial reporting
  • Tenant services

About Sprinterra

Sprinterra has a global presence. With the workforce located in the US , Europe, Canada and Australia. We offer engagements offshore, onshore, or a mix of both. Our team of professionals which consists of 100+ engineers (developers, business analysts, managers, test engineers, devops, etc) is the source of our innovative expertise.

Sprinterra is recognized as a trusted Acumatica development partner, especially when it comes to complex integrations and development projects and boasts one of the largest in-house Acumatica-certified teams in the industry, with dedicated Business Analysts, certified Project Managers, top-tier software engineers, and designers. Our team can help you with any development task – from a simple screen customization to designing and integrating a new module into your Acumatica ERP and connecting it with other applications or tools in your tech infrastructure. Our developers have thousands of hours of experience in:
➔ Customization ➔ System Integrations ➔ New Module Development ➔ Manual and Automation testing ➔ Upgrades ➔ Business Analysis and Consulting

and much more...



Property Management Presentation
Property Management Overview


Customer Reviews

Whatley, Belynn
US Restaurant Properties
Seamless Integration
May 21st, 2021

The integration between the Acumatica accounting system & the Imperium property management system is the far superior to our old accounting system of GP Dynamics. The Imperium database provides the similar functionality to our current database with the added benefit of being combined with our accounting system making dual entries a thing of the past.

Accounting Positives
- The lease buildouts on both a residential and commercial property works seamlessly with the accounting program.
-The charge buildouts & cost recovery functions on imperium are intuitive & user friendly.
-Amendments are easily handled while still maintaining an impressive level of internal control.
-Customization of inquiries & ease in downloading to excel
- Ease of use of the report interface
-Technical support is quick & knowledgeable
-access to a sandbox with snapshots of data being done with ease & speed
-powerful report writing & customization
-mass billing
-email automation
-% rent calculation & invoicing

Accounting Negatives
-no way to correct an incorrect cost recovery buildout internally without technical support
-does not calculate & book straight line rent for GAAP purposes
-creates a fixed asset that you can not delete

Property Management Positives
-up to date accounts receivable data by tenant available to property managers
-quick access to important data through attributes
-informative dashboards
-informative & customizable reports
-tasks & activities by property/lease/unit
-work order tracking

Property Management Negatives
-unable to sort or assign a tag to attached files (group by type - lease, amendment, PSA, correspondence etc.)

This system is for
-any business that wants to consolidate their accounting system with their property management database & needs an accounting system with the ability to customize their financial reports.

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