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SymFinTek’s COMMISSIONS CONDUCTOR AND ROYALTIES is a completely configurable and automated commission management system embedded in the Acumatica framework. It provides companies the flexibility and precision they need to translate their current commission plans, in all their peculiarity and complexity, into a transparent process that executes flawlessly in their ERP.

Commissions Conductor and Royalties offers end-to-end commission management, empowering sales leadership to design, track and pay multi-tier direct and indirect commission plans for all types of salespeople, multiple levels of management, and teams — including external contractors and organizations. It offers a sophisticated, comprehensive, and flexible rule management system that can be configured for the most advanced commission systems.

Commissions Conductor and Royalties allows companies to use almost any source metric on which they desire to pay commissions. Clients can specify inventory items or classes, entries from the general ledger, or actions from the CRM, Services, or Projects module, These metrics can be filtered by Branches, Territories, or even specific Accounts or Customers.

For SOX compliance and easy dispute resolution, Incentive Conductor offers detailed commission reports. Automated or on-demand inquires give the salesperson and management role-based daily access to up-to-date actual and projected earnings for every incentive down to the line item, including past payment periods. It allows management to monitor progress on all incentive metrics, including tracking performance against quotas and targets over time. Perfect for use with Acumatica dashboards to visualize momentum for motivation and optimal activity planning.

2020 R2
Natively Built with Acumatica
Industry Served:
Cross industries
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Key features

  • Native Within Acumatica Framework

  • Detailed Commission Inquiries

  • SOX - ASC606 Compliant

  • Pay Commissions On Anything

  • Modify Rules By Multiple Criteria

  • Multi-Tier Sliding Scales

  • Aging and Quota Integration

  • Multi-Level Management Overrides

  • Send Earnings to AP or Payroll

  • Allows GIs as source for calculating commissions

Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for Your Business

About SymFinTech

SymFinTek Software Co. specializes in native Acumatica Framework application development – creating Software To Conduct Your Business. We combined our Acumatica development skills with our experience developing, managing, and designing sales commissions systems to create our Incentive Conductor Program. We delight in solving complex commission plan implementation challenges. We’re twisted like that.




Customer Reviews

Velkly, Eric
March 1st, 2021
Incentive Conductor meets PennAir’s demand for complex, customizable, and flexible commission programs.

As PennAir continues to grow, so do our needs. SymFinTek is more than willing to expand upon current capabilities to meet us as at our growing points, proving to be a valuable resource. Incentive Conductor meets PennAir’s demand for complex, customizable, and flexible commission programs. Deyban and Jorge, of SymFinTek, provide highly responsive and great customer service. They truly care about what we need, and go above and beyond to make sure all our requirements are met.

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