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2018 R2

The RIC Group (TRG) is a global Software Solution Supplier for Warehouse Management Solutions. Our WMS provides a turnkey solution for industries such as FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), catchweight, grocery food and beverage, wholesale and distribution and manufacturing.

The WMS uses a loosely coupled architecture to keep the core clean and a RestAPI to support the multi cloud world. Our cloud based architecture ensures our WMS is highly scalable, improves control and increases efficiency.

Key features

  • Features of scan pick and pack, goods receiving with putaway, bin transfers, stocktaking, stock adjustments, proof of delivery with route management.
  • Increased audibility with real time visibility
  • Pick path optimization, slotting optimization,
  • Organic integration with Acumatica and built for the cloud
  • Agnostic and browser based WMS
  • Streamlines processes and provides insight to support strategic and tactical decisions
  • Uses The RIC Group’s powerful pick pack manager to release shipments for picking, wave picking, EDI, freight integration and shipping labels
  • IoT - Interfacing with Robotic based Systems - Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
  • RestAPI - Interface for multi cloud world. For example Power BI, eCommerce, Document Management and many more.

Benefits for Your Business

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About The RIC Group

The RIC Group is a supply chain centric software development company. Our people have a strong understanding of the challenges that confront supply chain professionals and offer practical solutions with our Warehouse Management Solution. Approximately 20 – 30 % of our annual revenue is invested back into research and development and into understanding the trends in supply chain execution technologies.

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