Acumatica Cloud xRP Summit 2020

This is our 4th annual Virtual Developer Conference and we are as excited as ever to host this DevCon and are looking forward to your participation.  We were very pleased with the turnout and positive feedback we received last year and expect a significant bump in attendance this year as well.

As usual, we’ll record each of the sessions – so register even if you can’t make it so you get a notice when the recordings are posted.

As is the case for all of our developer-focused events, we will be offering the fundamentals of the platform as well as advanced sessions, always trying to push ourselves to offer the most up-to-date and useful developer content possible. We will have a nice mix of speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise with our community of developers – Acumatica developer engineers and other subject matter experts as well as a few of our Acumatica Developer MVPs.  This year well will have a “panelist” discussion with the team who developed Acumatica Surveys to help respond to our customer who wanted to survey the health of their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This was our first community open-source project that included developers from around the world.

For more detail on each session we offered, please expand the sessions listed below.


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Developer Conference Sessions

All times are in the Pacific Time Zone.
There will be a 10 minute break every hour – three per day.  At the end of the conference, we will do a final wrap-up and cover the next steps going forward.

Day 1 — Wednesday, June 17th

09:00 A.M. – Kick-off & Welcome

Duration: 10 min
Speaker: Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

Ajoy will open this year’s DevCon, setting the stage with an overview of the agenda as well as address the myriad opportunities for developers to engage in the community at large.

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09:10 A.M.– xRP Framework Fundamentals & Best Practices

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: Dhiren Chhapgar

Kicking off the sessions, Dhiren will cover the fundamentals of the xRP Framework and update the audience on the feature & functionality enhancements over the past year.

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10:20 A.M. – Taking Advantage of our Testing Framework & Tools to build Quality Applications

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: Dmitry Naumov

In this session, Dmitry will provide you some sage advice on how to approach application testing and how to best leverage Unit Testing and the API Testing.  We’ll cover the Testing SDK in Patrick’s session on Thursday.

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10:50 A.M. – Acumatica Mobile Framework

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Cesar Betances

Cesar will give an overview of the Mobile Framework and how you can easily expose your application’s functionality for your end-users.

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11:30 A.M. – Push Notifications & Webhooks: Synchronizing changes between Acumatica Instances

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Marco Villasenor

Marco will provide an overview of Acumatica’s Push Notifications & Webhooks functionality as well as demonstrating how you can use these two technologies to synchronize changes between Acumatica instances.


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12:10 P.M. – Acuminator & Other Important Developer Tools

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: TBD

We will provide an overview of Acuminator and other lesser known Acumatica development tools that can be used to validate and improve the coding of your Acumatica applications.

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1:20 P.M. - Acumatica's New Workflow Engine Functionality in 2020R2

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Stan Lesin

Stan will give us a sneak peak at our new workflow engine in our upcoming 2020R2 release due out in the fall.  He will illustrate the new workflow notation in Acumatica Sales Orders as a use-case and provide coding examples.

Day 2 — Thursday, June 18th

09:00 A.M. – Web Services

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: Samuel-Oliver 

We will update you on our Web Services capabilities as well as provide the fundamental background and tools to provide integration with your applications and other third-Party applications.

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10:10 A.M. – Taking Advantage of the Testing SDK

Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Patrick Chen

As a follow-up session from Dmitry’s, we have Patrick providing you his insights and best practices in using the Testing SDK in his development of applications on the Acumatica xRP platform.

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10:40 A.M. – Acumatica Surveys Community Development Project

Duration: 30 min
Speakers: Acumatica Surveys Team Panel

How a our Acumatica developer community built a solution in just over 2 weeks for one of customers who wanted to survey their employees on their wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The entire team will present their thoughts, challenges, and deep satisfaction in building and open-source application in our panel discussion.

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11:20 A.M. – 3rd-Party Systems Integration Framework

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: Sergey Marenich

An overview of the new Acumatica system integration framework architecture – BigCommerce and Shopify Connectors are examples. This framework is capable of handling real-time and schedule sync, tracking of the sync history – as well as code independent communication with Acumatica.


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12:30 P.M. – Developer Roadmap

Duration: 60 min
Speaker: Mike Chtchelkonogov

Learn about our plans for Acumatica’s Cloud ERP product & platform. Mike will provide a review of what our engineering teams are currently working on today – as well as provide an overview of what we’ve recently made generally available, are still developing & testing, or are no longer developing. And lastly, learn more about the types of updates you can expect to find on the Acumatica Cloud Platform in the upcoming months.


Krishnamoorthy Ajoy
Chtchelkonogov Mike
Marenich Sergey
Zaletskyy Yuriy
Franks Mark
Naumov Dmitry
Lesin Stanislav
Villasenor Marco
Chen Patrick
Betances Cesar
Lavigueur Samuel-Oliver
Chhapgar Dhiren