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Cloud ERP: What’s coming next?

Learn how Acumatica is poised to deliver more value for your business in its “next chapter.”

Acumatica’s Next Chapter: Building on Solid Ground
“Acumatica has continued to differentiate against some of its rivals by including top-tier support and sandboxes in its standard subscription contracts. This steady focus on service has helped it to boost its Net Promoter Score (NPS) from -17 in the early days to +22 today—even as many of its competitors continue to languish in negative NPS territory.”

With a successful 10-year run in the industry, Acumatica has built a reputation for satisfying its 4,000 midmarket ERP customers. Now Acumatica is poised to achieve aggressive goals in its next phase of growth.

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In “Acumatica’s Next Chapter: Building on Solid Ground,” you’ll learn:

  • Why Acumatica has stuck with its partner-centric sales model all along.
  • How Acumatica increased cloud adoption without “pushing” the cloud.
  • What’s behind Acumatica’s high customer satisfaction rates.
  • Seven key initiatives Acumatica is pursuing in Phase 3.
  • Why Acumatica is a “refreshing, independent alternative” for midmarket ERP.

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