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New Acumatica CEO Plans for Growth

The March 2014 appointment of Jon Roskill as CEO is further validation of the company’s business model, channel strategy, and the opportunities for cloud ERP.

New Acumatica CEO Plans for Growth

Signs that cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is growing to include Acumatica’s 350 percent year-over-year revenue growth, its recent $10 million in funding, and the appointment of Jon Roskill as chief executive officer.

Nucleus Research rated Acumatica one of the highest ERP solutions in terms of usability in its Value Matrix. The research firm analyzed Acumatica’s products and spoke with CEO Jon Roskill about how he plans to grow the company.

This report focuses on the following:

  • Acumatica’s channel strategy
  • Why buyers should choose Acumatica
  • Where Nucleus Research sees Acumatica in the future

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