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21 Acumatica VARs Make Bob Scott’s Top 100 VAR List for 2018

Geoff Ashley | June 25, 2018

Bob Scott’s anticipated Top 100 VAR list for 2018 has been released, and we have the names of the Acumatica VARs who made it. These valued partners deserve our congratulations and our appreciation.

Bob Scott is a well-known name in the mid-market financial software community. He has been providing articles and email newsletters with insights for and about the community since 1997. If you aren’t familiar with Bob Scott’s Insights, then this is the time to become acquainted with his informative, educational, and often humorous reseller content. This is also the time to congratulate the 21 Acumatica VARs who made his recently released Bob Scott’s Top 100 VAR List for 2018. Ranked by revenue, these VARs are at the top of the mid-market leader board.

21 Acumatica VARs Make Bob Scott's Top 100 VAR List for 2018

Here are the 21 Acumatica VARs on the list, in alphabetical order:

Being recognized by Bob is indeed an honor. These Acumatica VARs are one of the reasons why we have chosen to be 100% channel-driven, which means we’re 100% committed to our partners for the selling and implementing of Acumatica cloud ERP to our customers. Their passionate support of our product and platform has boosted Acumatica into the position of being the fastest-growing cloud ERP on the market.

To help our Acumatica VARs succeed, we offer the best training and support available through our Acumatica Partner Program. Becoming an Acumatica VAR, or recommending someone you think would be a great addition to Acumatica’s global network of VARs (which you can do through our Acumatica Partner Recruitment Referral Program), opens you up to experiencing the most generous margins and terms available with no channel conflict. And the financial rewards are, in my opinion, exceptional.

We’re excited for our Acumatica VARs who made Bob Scott’s Top 100 VAR list for 2018. They exemplify the attributes of a Modern VAR—an organization that’s transformed itself to meet the needs of the modern customer. You can read my thoughts on the Modern VAR in Part I and Part II of my blog series.

These Acumatica VARs—and all of our partner network—deserve our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to Acumatica cloud ERP. Our annual Acumatica Partner Awards is one way we recognize their efforts here at Acumatica. Just as we did with our Acumatica 2017 Partner Awards, the 2018 winners will be announced at Acumatica Summit 2019, coming January 27-February 1, 2019 in Houston, Texas.

We hope you’ll register for the Summit. It will be a great opportunity to speak directly with these amazing Acumatica VARs and to learn more about Acumatica’s cloud ERP products and platform.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about becoming an Acumatica VAR or about Acumatica cloud ERP.

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