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26 Acumatica VARs Make Bob Scott’s Top 100 VAR List for 2019

Geoff Ashley | June 24, 2019

We always look forward to finding out who made Bob Scott’s Top 100 VAR List, and we’re excited that this year sees an increase in the number of Acumatica VARs included.

The theme for Bob Scott’s 2019 Top 100 VAR List is “The Cloud Rules!” While self-explanatory, it’s got to be said that the time for providing cloud products is no longer in the future. The time is now, and resellers who haven’t figured this out run the risk of having no future. Thankfully, the 26 Acumatica VARs on this year’s list got the memo.

Bob Scott, who has been providing insights for and about the mid-market financial software community for several decades (check out his educational and entertaining website, Bob Scott’s Insights), compiles his annual list of top VARs. He ranks the list by annual revenue.

The following 26 Acumatica VARs—up five from last year’s list and listed in alphabetical order—join the other 74 resellers who have landed at the top of the mid-market leader board:

As a company completely reliant on its reseller channel for selling and implementing our product and platform, we couldn’t be prouder of our Acumatica VARs. Their hard work and dedication have paid off big time. Landing on Bob Scott’s Top 100 VAR List for 2019 (some of them for multiple years in a row) is a testament to their understanding of what the market is looking for and meeting it.

Their success is our success, and we offer a no-compete promise when Acumatica VARs join our team. We also promise excellent, ongoing training and support through our Acumatica Partner Program. Becoming an Acumatica VAR, or recommending someone you think would be a great addition to Acumatica’s global network of VARs through our Acumatica Partner Recruitment Referral Program, means adding a powerful ERP solution that invests heavily in innovation to your portfolio.

In fact, a recent Mint Jutras report, “The Push and Pull of Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Innovation” (which is available as a free download), explains how Acumatica balances the need to listen to customer requests with the responsibility of introducing new and innovative technology customers can use to grow their businesses. And Acumatica VARs are the gateway.

Congratulations to the Acumatica VARs who made Bob Scott’s 2019 Top 100 VAR List. We thank them—and all our partner network—for continuing to make Acumatica the fastest growing cloud ERP on the market today.

For any reseller who would like to become an Acumatica VAR or has questions about Acumatica’s cloud ERP solution, we hope you’ll contact us today.

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