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Learn How Acumatica Manufacturing Edition’s Product Configurator Expands Product Lines and Controls Costs [On-Demand Webinar]

Ray Rebello | June 11, 2019

Manufacturers today are inundated with requests for custom features. Acumatica’s new, on-demand webinar explores how Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and Product Configurator can help manufacturers easily and efficiently produce products to customers’ specifications.

Customer satisfaction and profit. These are the two necessary ingredients for business growth. Manufacturers trying to balance increasing customer demands while sustaining a healthy profit margin should consider adding modern manufacturing software, like Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, to their technology toolkit. In a 30 minute, on-demand manufacturing webinar, Acumatica’s Product Configurator Expands Your Product Lines and Controls Your Costs, John Schlemmer, the COO of JAAS Systems, addresses the need for—and benefits of—a modern manufacturing ERP system.

Learn the benefits of a product configurator

Manufacturing complex products that meet the stipulations set by each customer is a difficult, time-consuming process. However, with Acumatica’s Product Configurator, manufacturers can both meet and exceed their customers’ expectations while expanding their product lines and controlling costs.

As a rules-based product configurator, products can be configured in multiple ways on quotes, sales orders, and production orders. It reduces the number of bills of materials for a finished part with a variety of features, options, dimensions, and functions.

With Acumatica Product Configurator, manufacturers can experience:

  • Configured orders in seconds by re-using an existing configured order or quote
  • Multiple revisions of the same configuration, accessing revision history and who did what
  • Price determination based on features and options chosen

Do these benefits seem too good to be true? They’re not. John, who has worked with manufacturing ERP software and supply chain execution software for over 30 years, covers how every manufacturer can reap these rewards and explains how to set up and use Acumatica’s Product Configurator with Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Material Requirements Planning (MPR), inventory, purchasing, and product management in the on-demand webinar.

Acumatica’s Manufacturing ERP software “flexible and efficient.”

One company that has experienced the benefits of Acumatica’s manufacturing software is Dakota Red Corporation. Supplying ready-mix concrete, concrete block and other masonry landscaping products, the holding company (which consists of King’s Material, Midland Concrete Products, Hawkeye Ready Mix, and Stone Concepts) has 12 locations and 15 entities. They needed manufacturing ERP software that could connect their remote areas, improve reporting, and grow with them.

After evaluating Sage, NetSuite, and several industry-specific solutions, Dakota Red chose Acumatica and Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. “Acumatica is so flexible and efficient,” says Vice President Patrick Sauter. “It’s helping us operate the business more intelligently.”

They’ve enjoyed multiple benefits, including increased visibility between entities, adding users without additional cost, reducing inventory with better insight, timelier financial statements, better reporting, and more.

“We can now place orders faster and react to sales quicker. As a result, I think we’ll be able to reduce our total inventory by somewhere between $1.5 million and $2 million dollars,” Patrick says. “Acumatica reporting capabilities give us much visibility to our data. If we change an entry, a click of a button runs the report again.”

Read more about Dakota Red’s experience with Acumatica cloud ERP and Acumatica Manufacturing Edition in their success story and listen to the on-demand webinar for a quick, easy way to learn the benefits of Acumatica’s manufacturing ERP software and product configurator. Downloading our informative manufacturing Whitepapers on Key Performance Indicators for manufacturing, finding a flexible manufacturing ERP, and true cloud manufacturing ERP along with our Manufacturing Job Costing Infographic will also aid manufacturers ready to grow their businesses.

Questions? Contact our team at any time.

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