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Why Acumatica Summit 2017 is All About Collaboration, Innovation and Acceleration

Jon Roskill | January 10, 2017

We run our business on the following three principles, so we thought it’d be appropriate to focus on them at this year’s Acumatica Summit: collaboration, innovation, and acceleration. Defining words is a simple but effective tool to confirm that we – Acumatica, Customers and Partners alike – communicate clearly and successfully. Let me share a bit about why we chose these three words, and why they are the center of the upcoming Summit.



the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Our team, together with our many sponsors and customers, is hard at work all year long to create an environment that allows every Summit participant to improve his/her business results. We encourage collaboration by providing our uniquely flexible, adaptable Cloud ERP platform that delivers centralized business controls to work directly with your company’s specific requirements. Our goal is to produce practical insights into the future needs of your specific business. We also work to provide solutions, via customized tools we create, for challenges you face daily.

Along with collaboration comes teamwork…Acumatica’s foundational principle. We are your teammates on the journey we call “success”. As a Summit attendee, you will interact with your peers – Acumatica staff, partners, and customers, ERP influencers, and top technical experts – in both structured and informal settings. We want you to share your own knowledge, discuss specific challenges and solutions, and make valuable contacts you can use throughout the year, all in an atmosphere filled with energy and drive. You will see and learn from best practices of top Acumatica customers pushing the boundaries of what you can do with Cloud software  – not just to run business financials, but to run the business itself.

The Summit’s many benefits are made possible by the collaboration and sponsorship of the following companies, plus many others: Amazon Web Services (AWS), the official cloud sponsor; device center power provider Microsoft (MS); Executive sponsor Magento connect via Kensium; and our Platinum sponsors Solver bi360, Century Business Solutions, and Nonprofit+. Would you like to create a future of limitless possibilities? Join us in pooling our business acumen to create the business you envision.


the action or process of innovating; a new method, idea, product, etc.

New methods, ideas, and products are in constant demand and Acumatica is the leader in providing all of the necessary ingredients to stay effective in the industry. As an example, let me highlight the innovative bond between Acumatica Cloud ERP and AWS Marketplace. Midsize businesses require access to the Cloud in a way that doesn’t strain their budgets. They now have a single-sign on, single-billing SaaS service, provided by Acumatica Cloud ERP, on Amazon Marketplace. The move to cloud-based enterprise resource planning is going to continue to expand. Acumatica is at the forefront with our flexible and easy-to-use business management software.

As part of Acumatica’s drive to innovate, we are proud to announce a slew of new features and capabilities for our customers. A series of blog posts highlighting these announcements will be coming in the following weeks. Keep your eyes peeled, as you won’t want to miss them.


increase in the rate or speed of something.

Acumatica’s mission is to collaborate with all of our Customers and Partners in designing innovative technology that increases your business growth. Add to that acceleration – making it happen in a timely fashion. Stagnation for a company is paramount to closing its doors. Acumatica’s platform eliminates stagnation from your vocabulary and in your business.

Our sponsor lineup, as well as various trainings and panels, will showcase all that the Acumatica ecosystem is doing to move our customers forward. Real-life examples will be given that show how Acumatica’s software solutions enabled businesses to accelerate and ultimately reach their financial goals.


enter or record on an official list or directory.

It’s time to act. You don’t want to be left behind as Customers, Partners, and experts in the Acumatica and broader ERP community join forces, learn from each other, and accelerate their businesses.

See details about the different speakers you will hear and the specifics about the 17 training tracks you can attend including (but are not limited to) financial, distribution, project accounting, web services, and customization development. Go here to register for the Summit. It will get you motivated about the prospect of collaborating, innovating, and accelerating your way to a successful year and beyond.

It’s time to drive your business upward! We want to be your active, climbing partner. And, perhaps from this point forward, you will define the term “summit” as “victory”…and not stale bagels.

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