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Acumatica’s Mark Franks on Why Developers Should Attend Acumatica Summit 2018

Mark Franks | December 11, 2017

Acumatica believes building community within the cloud ERP world can increase customer satisfaction and business success, and Acumatica Summit 2018 is the perfect place to do just that. Team member Mark Franks agrees and is excited to discuss some great events geared specifically for developers at this year’s Summit.

If I could use only three words to describe what I’m most looking forward to at Acumatica Summit 2018, they would be Hack, a, and thon. Ok, it’s really just Hackathon, but I feel it’s an event worthy of more than just one word. It was wildly successful at last year’s Summit, and our team is preparing to make the second annual Acumatica Hackathon an even better, expanded edition.

However, before I get into the details, I urge you to register for Acumatica Summit 2018 if you haven’t already done so. Make sure you add the Hackathon to your agenda. I am also leading the Fun Run on Tuesday morning, so sign up for that as well, if you would like to get some cardio in before breakfast. Time is running out for our early bird pricing and you won’t want to miss the savings that come with it.

Acumatica's Mark Franks on Why Developers Should Attend Acumatica Summit 2018

A little bit about me, the scoop on the Hackathon, and why I think you’ll want to participate

I’m an Acumatica Platform Evangelist. This means that I have the honor of sharing (you could possibly say passionately sharing) all about Acumatica’s Cloud Development Platform with our ISV & partner community. You can catch some of my thoughts on this fascinating topic, as well as those of other Developers in the Acumatica ecosystem, in our Acumatica ADN Blog.

My dedication to building relationships with customers and developers has been going strong for 25 years. Part of this time was spent as both a Document Management Evangelist and ERP Evangelist at Microsoft, which led to my interest in Acumatica. The combination of my desire to build a strong community with my cloud ERP expertise made for a perfect fit with the Acumatica team. I’m all about our focus on customer service and being 100% channel-driven; participating in Acumatica Summit 2018 and organizing the now yearly Hackathon is an amazing bonus.

What exactly is the Hackathon? It’s an event open to developers and non-developers alike, which creates a great dynamic! We place every participant on a team and charge them with delivering various real-world business solutions. We also assign an Acumatica subject matter expert (SME) as a mentor/advisor figure to each team.

The teams have the opportunity to choose their ideas before coming to the Summit, giving them time to prepare. They write spec, code, and user doc, which they then present to our judges. Last year’s winners (teams Epsilon and Delta) were highlighted in the Tuesday’s Keynote and their solutions were published in GitHub, just as will happen this year. It’s also important to point out that these teams had only FOUR hours to create source-code that was actually used by our partners and customers. It may sound like a lot of work, but I’m here to tell you that it was an awesome experience.

In addition – and this is big – they had a lot of fun doing it along with a lot of food to fuel their efforts. There may have been some cold beer, too, but you’ll have to come to our Acumatica Summit 2018 Hackathon to find out.

Because it was such a smashing success, we decided to increase the Hackathon timeframe this year from four hours to two days. We’ll be starting the Hackathon on Saturday, January 27, 2018 (the kickoff event of Acumatica Summit 2018) and finishing on Sunday, January 28 before the rest of the week takes off.

Here’s the agenda:

Saturday, January 27

  • 2:00 PM             Start of Hackathon
  • 6:00 PM             Dinner Break
  • Midnight            Conclusion of Day One

Sunday, January 28

  • 10:00                  AM Group Presentation
  • Noon                  Lunch Break
  • 1:00 PM             Team Presentations
  • 3:00 PM             Judging & Awards

I hope you’re starting to catch my fever for this event! It’s a place where you can network, create, and have fun with your industry peers while producing real-life business solutions and experiencing the many Acumatica cloud ERP benefits.

Register right away; I’m anticipating a huge turnout.

Acumatica Summit 2018 is the place to be

If you have something on your calendar for January 27 through February 2, 2018, you should cancel it and attend Acumatica Summit 2018 – and the Hackathon – instead.

You can expect to hear about our latest products and solutions, meet our leadership team and ISV providers, experience breakouts geared to meet your needs, get product certifications, and engage in hands-on technical training tracks. In fact, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be having our first-ever Developer track – more community development at its best!

We’ve specifically geared our new Developer Track to increase your knowledge about our xRP Platform. Whether you’re a beginning partner developer for Acumatica or have been doing it for years, you’ll receive valuable information as well as hear from expert Acumatica Developers and Partners. The eight breakout sessions over the course of two days covers such topics as Web Services in a Multi-Cloud World, Developer Tips & Tricks, and xRP Framework Fundamentals. There will also be an exclusive session – Ask Mike Anything – where you can directly interact with Acumatica CTO, Mike Chtchelkonogov. You can learn more about the Developer Track by checking out our Acumatica Summit 2018 agenda and my recent ADN blog, Calling All Developers: Why Acumatica Summit 2018 is a Must-Attend Event.

Finally, I can’t let you go without telling you where Acumatica Summit 2018 is taking place: Nashville, Tennessee.

In my previous position at Microsoft, I spent a lot of my time traveling, but I never made it to the Music City. I have to confess, I’m not a big country music fan, but I am an Elvis fan. Seeing his star on the Music City Walk of Fame located across from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, which literally connects to our venue (the Omni Nashville Hotel), is something I’m looking forward to along with checking out the city’s live music, museums, and delicious food.

I’m also looking forward to seeing you there! Register for Acumatica Summit 2018 (and the Hackathon). It’s the best place to focus exclusively on cloud ERP, build relationships, and accelerate your business to the next level.

Register for Acumatica Summit 2018

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