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Announcing a New Webinar Series for Developers

Mark Franks | February 11, 2019

Announcing a New Webinar Series for Developers

We are offering several webinars for Acumatica Developers, where we will demonstrate a number of new features we are planning on delivering in 2019 R1.  We will talk about the code and the way new features will be implemented.  We want to make sure our developer community is informed about the improvements and the impact that these features and changes may have – including possibly breaking existing code implementations.

Here is our schedule to cover these topics in detail:

  • Credit Card Processing Enhancements – 22nd February

    Join us as we discuss our roadmap for our credit card processing plugin for 2019 R2, and see what’s new in 2019 R1 .  We will talk about new processing plugin interface, mobile credit card payments, portal payments, changes in our Credit Card Payments workflows, and deprecating older plugins.

  • Generic Inquiry Improvements – 25th February

    Pivots, navigation, totals, side panels, conditional colorization, OData and Push notifications. All these features are supported by our Generic Inquiries. We’ll demonstrate all of these and also share some of our future concepts that we are working on delivering. We’ll will also share some useful tips & tricks and gather any feedback you may have.

  • Customization Manager Improvements  – 27th February

    Acumatica 2019 R1 contains a number of changes that allows you to get your solution certified more easily. We’ve added support of C# 7.0 for the built-in code editor, the ability to verify solution initials from the customization manager, a way to generate excel workbooks required for certification from the customization manager, the ability to see all 3rd-party libraries your customization uses, and some validations. We’ll also talk about the certification process and certification tools.

  • BQL Enhancements – 1st March

    We are constantly working on improving our platform and development tools. In this instance, we introduce a number of enhancements for BQL. We have Linq support for BQL, new FBQL syntax and some other minor improvements. In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate some examples and discuss some not so obvious aspects of these new features.

  • API Enhancements and Limitations  – 11th March

    With the release of 2019 R1, we are introducing several improvements to our contract based APIs that will make life of an integration developer easier. One of the important changes we are making has to do with the way our API limits work. Instead of throwing an error on reaching the API requests limit, Acumatica will now throttle extra queries, but not interrupt them. We also have made several enhancements and optimizations related to creating Sales Orders, Shipments, Bills and Purchase Receipts. Please join our webinar to see these enhancements demonstrated.

Please register by clicking on the webinars above you wish to attend. We plan to record each of the webinars and will publish here when they become available.

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