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Earth Day 2024 Inspires Acumatica’s Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

Earth Day happens just once a year, but its mission is to change the way people live and how businesses operate every day. And Acumatica is all in.
Todd Wells | April 22, 2024


 Earth Day 2024 Inspires Acumatica’s Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability


Each year on April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. This year’s commemoration marks the 54th year people around the globe have engaged in communal activities or quietly reflected on our natural resources and the environment’s importance to our collective well-being. Over the years, this special day has evolved into the world’s largest civic event and has created opportunities to galvanize people’s attention, build awareness of key environmental concerns, and mobilize people to protect our planet.

Earth Day 2024 is, therefore, a fitting time to highlight how this annual day of celebration and recognition has contributed to the health of our planet and has inspired Acumatica as a company.

Earth Day’s Sustainability Success

Earth Day has grown from being a modest idea put forth by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 to being an international event that inspires billions of people—in 192 countries—to advocate for changes in the way we treat our planet. This day has sparked a movement responsible for the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as the passage of significant environmental protection legislation, including the National Environmental Education Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and the Clean Air Act. But that’s not all.

Earth Day’s legacy includes:

  • Planting 100s of millions of trees.
  • Providing 7 billion Green School Grants.
  • Logging 2.7 billion “acts of green.”

And with educators in 149 countries and over 36 million clean-up volunteers, Earth Day’s power to motivate people and create a waste-free world has never been stronger.

Sustainability Core to the AcumatiCares Program

Earth Day and the movement it inspired have also catalyzed organizations around the world to thoughtfully consider how to make a positive impact on the environment and commit to broader sustainability goals. Sustainability is at the core of our own AcumatiCares program. It guides our efforts to protect the natural environment and make the world a better, more inclusive place for the people with whom we share it.

This commitment is evident in how we approach our events. For example, since 2021, Acumatica Summit has saved an estimated 12,586 kgs of landfill waste through our reusable landfill efforts, the equivalent weight of about 185 washing machines. Using regionally sourced aluminum over plastic water bottles saved the same amount of energy needed to charge nearly half a million cell phones.

To ensure our annual Summit—which draws thousands of customers, partners, developers, and employees in person and online to connect, learn, and discover—continues to be an environmentally sustainable event, we also:

  • Printed all 2024 signage and graphics locally, reducing excess transport miles and fossil fuel burn.
  • Owned, rented, and stored for reuse all Acumatica Summit assets, furniture, and décor.
  • Utilized “turnkey” exhibit booth materials, which reduced exhibitor shipping and the need for custom construction.
  • Saved 200 Summit 2023 backpacks for use at Summit 2024 and gifted PET polyester backpacks made partially of upcycled plastic water bottles.

These achievements and the success of all of our ongoing sustainability initiatives have been recognized by MeetGreen, a sustainable event management agency, which designated Acumatica as an Event Sustainability Visionary for Acumatica Summit 2024.

Acumatica’s Sustainability Success: Everyday Operations

Acumatica’s commitment to realizing a more sustainable and responsible future is core to the values we share as a company and, together with our partners and customers, the impact we want to make as a Community. Our dedication to fostering a culture of responsibility lies at the heart of our organization and is reflected in our ongoing commitments in key areas:   ​

Reducing Emissions:​ We understand the critical importance of addressing climate change and minimizing our environmental impact. Over the years, we’ve worked diligently to reduce our carbon footprint through energy-efficient practices, responsible resource management, and sustainable operations. In 2022 and 2023, Acumatica received a Silver Medal from EcoVadis, the world’s largest supplier of business sustainability ratings. Our Environment score places us in the top 23% of companies in our industry, which is a testament to our ongoing efforts and progress. But we know our journey is far from over. ​

Culture of Responsibility:​

Responsibility is embedded in our company culture. Our approach to sustainability and

our commitment to core environmental, social, and governance principles is factored into all of our business decisions and is reinforced in actions and decisions beyond just

profit margins.

Our cloud-based business solution contributes to broader sustainability efforts. For example, small and midsized businesses that replace their on-premises solutions with our cloud ERP product save money and energy while also reducing their carbon emissions. For Acumatica, we ensure peak operating efficiency by having a partially remote workforce, reducing our electricity use, limiting business travel, holding virtual meetings when possible, and actively promoting recycling and reuse programs.

Our ongoing sustainability efforts have enabled Acumatica to proudly become a Climate Neutral Certified company.

Ultimately, we’re committed to setting near-and-long-term companywide emission reductions, which are in line with the SBTi’s (Science Based Targets) Corporate Net-Zero Standard. We’re excited to take part in the UN Global Compact, a “voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to support UN goals.”

Moving Forward Sustainably—Together

Through every decision we take, we are forging a path that reflects our dedication to a brighter future for our planet and our people. Moving forward, we intend to continue making huge strides in fostering a clean, healthy environment and a more welcoming, inclusive world. We’ll remain proud stewards of our forests and lands by continuing our memberships with ForestNation and Tree-Nation—two organizations passionately promoting reforestation.

We’ll also continue to support global and local organizations with environmental and humanitarian missions, such as Wellspring Family ServicesBoys & Girls Clubs, the World Central KitchenThe Trevor Project, and Pasado’s Safe Haven.

Earth Day 2024 is an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our ongoing commitment to care for our planet and make a measurable difference to our local and global communities. But even as we do our part, we believe making a true difference takes collective action. Join us in working to make the future bright by visiting EARTHDAY.ORG to find ways to get involved.

Contact our team today to learn more about Acumatica and our journey to life-enriching sustainability. Together, we can make a difference.

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