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Firewire Surfboards Shredding the Industry, Thanks to Acumatica Cloud ERP

Kim Plank | March 27, 2019

Firewire Surfboards, the leading surfboard maker in the market, began searching for a modern, flexible ERP when their legacy system couldn’t keep up with their amazing growth. Like customers Superprem, Specified Technologies Inc., and Shoebacca, the Firewire team has found success with Acumatica’s innovative cloud ERP solution.

From day one, Franklin Shiraki, Corporate Controller for Firewire Surfboards, knew their low-cost, legacy ERP wouldn’t be able to scale with them. At the time, and over the twelve years they used it, the system handled their basic transaction processing and operated as a company database. But the company thrived and expanded, and they needed a true cloud ERP solution that was cost effective, provided visibility business-wide, and could integrate seamlessly with third-party applications. That’s when they found Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and Acumatica Financial Management.

Here’s Firewire’s story.

Firewire Surfboards Shredding the Industry, Thanks to Acumatica Cloud ERP

Firewire Surfboards and Acumatica cloud ERP

The Firewire team designs surfboards, traction pads, and leashes to “elevate the surfing experience”, but they’re also finding and using new materials and advanced construction methods to create environmentally conscious, sustainable products. And their efforts have paid off. With the addition of a new brand, the eco-conscious company has seen year over year growth exceed 30% in the past, and in 2016, Shiraki knew they needed modern, robust financial management software to keep up.

“I was doing all the financials and analysis in Excel, and we were using the ERP as a database,” Shiraki says. “Every time someone asked for a report, I’d have to create it. There was nothing in the system like a dashboard, and I’d spend hours and hours making reports.”

With distribution operations in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, manufacturing operations in Thailand, and selling their surfboards through retailers, the complexity was too much for their disjointed legacy systems. They had no visibility and lacked real-time communication—which resulted in inefficiencies.

“If you look at the UI on it, it’s pretty . We found ways to make the system work the way we needed, but we knew we were starting to outgrow the system really quickly,” Shiraki says. “The platform never had a single upgrade.”

In fact, the only reason their platform worked for as long as it did was due to the efforts of technology partner Crestwood Associates. And when the Firewire team began researching their cloud ERP options, including SAP Business One, they turned to Crestwood for help. When the Crestwood team introduced them to Acumatica, it was game over.

“We were just looking for something that gave us as many options as possible. We’re not stagnant, not locked into policies, procedures or software,” Shiraki says. “Everything we do is with the long-term perspective in mind, and we need an ERP system that can evolve with us.”

They implemented Acumatica in their six operating entities and gained a multitude of benefits.

The many ways Firewire benefitted from selecting Acumatica

Firewire knew they had made the right decision by choosing Acumatica’s cloud ERP solution, citing many ways they’ve benefitted. For example, Acumatica’s open platform allowed them to seamlessly integrate with Brandscope, their custom production database, and Verifier tag software, which tags boards through manufacturing.

“Acumatica has an open platform, which was a huge selling point. The company looks for outside innovation and to work with as many ISVs as necessary to provide optimal solutions,” Shiraki says. “We believe in that ethos because that’s how we operate.”

With Acumatica, Shiraki says Firewire has improved their visibility. Having real-time data from all six operating entities has resulted in increased sales through better decision making. They’re finally able to see their operations, finance, and inventory data clearly, and he also says they’ve saved hours—if not days—in lost time due to manual reporting.

Additionally, Shiraki says Firewire has eliminated the need for server upgrades by moving to a cloud ERP, saving them time and money, and benefitted from Acumatica’s unlimited user licensing policy. “It gives us the flexibility should we want to set up a customer portal. We also won’t have to worry about adding licenses as we grow.”

Listen to Firewire’s journey with Acumatica

Is Acumatica Manufacturing Edition the right fit for you?

With Acumatica and Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, Firewire has gained flexibility, transparency, time, easy integrations, and cost-savings. If you’re searching for manufacturing software, you may want to do what Shiraki did and research Acumatica cloud ERP. (You can also check out this article on Diginomica about why Firewire chose Acumatica.)

“It’s nice to have an ERP solution that is aligned with your own internal views on how to do things,” he says.

As the recipient of multiple awards (including highest in usability in Nucleus Research’s 2018 ERP Technology Value Matrix, highest in customer satisfaction out of 12 leading core financial systems in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report, and the SIIA CODiE Award recipient for Best Cloud ERP solution and Best Manufacturing Solution in 2018, to name a few), we’re ready and able to help you accelerate your success in the cloud, just as we did with Firewire.

“Acumatica helps us better analyze our sales and gives us the ability to analyze more categories with much more clarity,” Shiraki says. “We have a lot more real-time visibility into what other entities are doing, which allows me to be more effective and keep better tabs on what’s going on and helps us make more strategic financial decisions.”

You can read their Acumatica success story for even more details. You can also reach out to our team with any questions you may have about Acumatica cloud ERP, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, and Acumatica’s Financial Management edition.

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