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Updated ISV Certification Guidelines for Acumatica 2019 R2

Mark Franks | October 10, 2019

We have recently updated our ISV Certification Guidelines for Acumatica 2019 R2, improving the underlying process itself with a special focus on Security, SAAS Compatibility, Stability, and Performance. Continue reading to learn more about the changes and updates we made.

ISV Software Certification Guidelines

The Acumatica ISV Software Certification Guidelines describe the technical requirements that an ISV solution must meet to integrate with and operate within the Acumatica ERP application.  The purpose of this testing is to give the market the assurance that an ISV solution built for Acumatica ERP meets the technical requirements that adhere to a high standard. The published test guidelines will walk through the test process and help to make sure that an ISV’s solution meets our certification requirements.

The documentation contains the following sections:

  • The Testing Process section describes how the testing process works, from initial steps through the communication of test results.
  • The Documentation Requirements section provides a list of the documentation that you must submit with your solution.
  • The ISV Software Solution Requirements and Recommendations section defines each requirement and recommendation category, the ways these requirements and recommendations are tested, and the things you can do to ensure that your solution meets the requirements.
  • The ISV Solution Key Functionality Verification Test section defines the structure of the functionality verification tests that you must provide for each key usage scenario for which you have designed your ISV solution.

Focus for the 2019 R2 Certification Guidelines

First and foremost, we are always trying to improve the process of certification for our ISV Partners by streamlining the process itself as well as improving the tools to assist in the process of certifying applications. The overriding foundational goal of the program is to ensure ISV applications are secure, performant, and stable – nor degrade the platform as a whole.  For the updated R2 release of these guidelines, we are especially focused on improving security and SAAS compatibility. 

Summary of Changes

A number of changes and updates to the certification guidelines have been made, including the following:

  • The Resources Section updated for Prerequisite 0.2
  • Clarifications were made for the 1.3 requirement and we removed the following statement from the 1.3 requirement:
    • The ISV must assign an identical version to all .Net assemblies provided as part of the ISV solution. The exception is that if your solution uses a third-party assembly, the assembly version doesn’t need to match with the ISV solution version.
  • The following new requirements were introduced:
    • Requirement 1.11 – The ISV solution must not store files on the server file system.
    • Requirement 1.12 – The ISV solution must not depend on data that is not controlled by the ISV solution or by the user
  • Recommendation 4.8 was converted into a requirement and renamed to 4.7. Also, the scope is more specifically defined.
  • Section 5:  Upgrade and Maintenance Requirements has been merged with Section 4. 
  • Installation & Setup Requirements and Recommendations:
    • A new Section 5 on Security Requirements and Recommendations was added.
      • Requirement 5.1 (formerly 1.8)
      • Requirement 5.2 (formerly 1.12)
      • Requirement 5.3 (formerly 4.6)
      • Requirement 5.4 (new)

 This summarizes all the key changes and improvements that were made for Acumatica 2019 R2 Certification program.  To review the new guidelines in full, please download the Acumatica 2019 R2 ISV Software Certification Guidelines.

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