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Acumatica’s Native Integration with Amazon Marketplace

Automate the synchronization of orders or invoices, inventory levels, shipment, and tracking notifications from Amazon to Acumatica order management, inventory, financial, and CRM modules. Optimize your financial reporting and reconciliation process by importing Amazon fees into your accounting system and understand per unit profitability. Meet Amazon’s security compliance by protecting Amazon customer data with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) encryption and pseudonymization tools.

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Why Choose Acumatica’s Native Integration with Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon sellers face several challenges as they grow their businesses. They need to understand profitability per product and learn how Amazon’s selling fees will impact the bottom line. Acumatica’s Native Connector with Amazon makes this easier. It retrieves information about Amazon fees and delivers reports showing which products are helping a seller’s business grow. Those merchants who fulfill Amazon orders themselves also have to keep track of product availability and rapidly respond to sales. Using Acumatica’s Native Connector with Amazon, these orders quickly become sales orders in the ERP system, and they can immediately and automatically be sent for fulfillment—helping merchants comply with Amazon’s streamlined fulfillment expectations.

Key Benefits of Acumatica’s Native Integration with Amazon

  • Supports FBA and FBM

    Enjoy the flexibility of order processing for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and/or FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) sales.

  • Capture Amazon Payments with Fees

    Separate line items on every sales order and show all fees charged by Amazon. Produce reports and dashboards to analyze the profitability of Amazon sales.

  • Simplify Amazon Statement Reconciliation

    Compare Amazon order statements against internal sales order records and automatically reconcile from within Acumatica.

  • Avoid Obtaining Amazon Security Keys

    Connect directly to Amazon Seller Central without requiring your own Amazon SP-API keys.

  • Protect Customer Information

    Comply with privacy regulations using advanced encryption to protect PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

  • Meet Amazon's "A-Z Guarantee" by fulfilling efficiently

    Acumatica’s automated fulfillment processes will help you retrieve MFN orders from Amazon and fulfill those orders as quickly as possible. Ensuring customers receive their orders on time will meet Amazon’s “A-Z Guarantees” and it will help you maintain a positive seller ranking.

Important Features of Acumatica’s Native Integration with Amazon

Native Integrations

The Native Connector for Amazon is built into Acumatica Retail Edition. You don’t need to buy any additional software.

Real-time Communication

Transmit data bi-directionally between your Amazon front-end and Acumatica back-office software. Import FBM orders and export shipment notifications and tracking information as soon as the order ships.

Reports and Dashboards

Display key metrics from Amazon sales transactions, trends, and customer activities right from configured dashboards to quickly see your business-at-a-glance and take swift action.

Order Synchronization

Sales orders are imported via the latest Amazon Selling Partner API. FBA orders automatically import to Acumatica as sales invoices and MFN orders import as sales orders.


Protect Customers' Personal Information

Comply with Amazon’s privacy regulations using advanced encryption to keep buyers anonymous and their personally identifiable information (PII) safely protected.

Manage Shipment Tracking

Allow buyers to track their packages through Amazon as soon as an order is shipped.

Enable Split Shipments

Determine how you want to accommodate multiple shipments, split orders, and back-ordered products with flexible configuration rules within Acumatica.

Process Returns and Refunds

Returns management inside Acumatica allows customers to return, refund, and exchange ordered products in an omnichannel environment.

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"Acumatica has given us a robust eCommerce solution to keep us on the cutting edge. We have the flexibility and data access that we need to scale our business as we grow, and to identify and resolve potential problems to our customer’s satisfaction quickly."
Ethan Platt, President & Co-Owner
American Meadows
"Acumatica allows us to connect with third-party solutions to a degree that other ERP solutions don’t have. It allows us to build in functionality in a way that best fits our business needs."
Thomas Finney, IT Director

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