Advanced Billing

Manage all project billing scenarios including cost plus, fixed price, time and materials, milestone billing, and contract specific pricing.

How Advanced Billing can work for you

Acumatica’s billing software allows modifying resource billing rates by project, project tasks, inventory item, employee, and account group. Calculate time and materials billing according to the customer, the type of work being performed, or the specific project requirements.

Key Benefits of Advanced Billing Software for your Company

  • Flexible billing

    Handle the most complex project billing rules and easily calculate project revenue in multiple currencies based on key project-specific attributes.

  • Fixed-Price and Cost-Plus Projects

    Invoice according to project and contract requirements – fixed price set in advance or cost-plus projects in which the invoice amount is not known until costs and fees are incurred. Billing on cost-based projects can be capped.

  • Revenue recognition

    Optionally recognize revenue based on percentage of project completed or based on tasks completed. All project revenue recognition rules are automatically reflected in GL journal entries.

Important Features of Advanced Billing

Connected Modules

Project features are available in the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order Management, Purchase Order Management, Employee Portal, and Inventory Management modules. Other integrated applications include CRM, Manufacturing, and Field Service.

Project Tasks and Templates

Use templates to create new projects with preset configurations. Specify people, equipment, budgets, and project billing. Multiple users can work on multiple concurrent projects. Assign tasks for individual or global projects. Assign task billing rates by project, job role, and individual resources. Project budgets reflect expected revenues.

Flexible Billing

Handle the most complex project billing rules and easily calculate project revenue in multiple currencies based on key project-specific attributes.

Billing Rules for Fixed Price and Cost Plus

Improve billing accuracy and efficiency and maximize cash flow by defining project billing parameters to automatically generate invoices at the proper time. Manage complex billing rules and easily calculate project revenue based on key project-specific attributes. Define cost-plus and fixed contract Maximum flexibility by applying markup at the customer level and vary according to labor and service type.

Revenue recognition

Recognize revenue based on the percent of completion or based on completed tasks. All project revenue recognition rules are automatically reflected in general ledger journal entries.

Multiple rates

Configure multiple rate tables for specific projects or project tasks for additional billing flexibility.

Billing Periods

Bill projects weekly, monthly, quarterly, or according to a company-specific statement cycle for a project or customer. Delay posting of timesheets and materials expenses until released.

Reverse Unbilled Transactions

Correct improperly applied charges with an automatic reversal and invoice regeneration capability.

Forecast Project Budget by Period

Enter and modify project budget forecasts and compare these forecasts with the actual project costs and incomes for each financial period.

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"We searched for a provider that was built for the cloud and selected Acumatica TRUE Cloud ERP. Now we can be seamless by using CRM and the Mobile App, all departments in Security Solutions — locksmith, retail, service, sales, inspections, testing — have instant access to information, helping to speed business and lets us focus on what we do best, which is to design, implement, execute security solutions that provide peace of mind."
Jamie Vos, Owner
Security Solutions
"I would definitely recommend Acumatica to other businesses. It covers the full ERP functionality, it integrates with other products well, and it’s cost-effective."
Derek Szabo, Managing Director
Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

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