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Logos/Color palette

Find guides and downloads to help you get started with the Acumatica brand, from logos and color to type and icons. Find downloadable logos and other visual assets related to Acumatica.

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Color palette

Oxford Blue
RGB 000 / 000 / 051
HEX #000033
CMYK 94 / 88 / 43 / 65
Atomic Tangerine
RGB 247 / 148 / 31
HEX #F7941F
CMYK 0 / 50 / 98 / 0
Mayan Blue
RGB 051 / 204 / 255
CMYK 59 / 0 / 0 / 0
RGB 255 / 255 / 255
CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 0

Leadership Profiles

Jon Roskill, Chief Executive Officer
Jon Roskill
Chief Executive Officer
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Nigel LeGresley, Chief Operating Officer
Nigel LeGresley
Chief Operating Officer
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Mike Shchelkonogov, Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Mike Shchelkonogov
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
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Sanket Akerkar, Chief Revenue Officer
Sanket Akerkar
Chief Revenue Officer
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Christian Lindberg, Vice President, Partner Solutions
Christian Lindberg
Vice President, Partner Solutions
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Todd Wells, Chief Marketing Officer
Todd Wells
Chief Marketing Officer
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Sean Chatterjee, Vice President, Partner Sales
Sean Chatterjee
Vice President, Partner Sales
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Ali Jani, Chief Product Officer
Ali Jani
Chief Product Officer
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Geoff Ashley, Vice President Partner Strategy & Programs
Geoff Ashley
Vice President Partner Strategy & Programs
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Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Vice President, Platform Strategy
Ajoy Krishnamoorthy
Vice President, Platform Strategy
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Andrew Boulanov, Head of Platform Architecture
Andrew Boulanov
Head of Platform Architecture
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Martha Lucia Groulx, Vice President, Human Resources
Martha Lucia Groulx
Vice President, Human Resources
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