KPIs for Construction: Your Concise Guide

Whitepaper proves the value of KPIs for construction company decision-makers.

KPIs for Construction
“We had been using a legacy construction accounting software package when we found Acumatica Construction Edition, and it is a perfect fit,” says Ron Fairchild, Chief Financial Officer, Texas Scenic Company, Inc. “It’s a modern cloud solution that handles our manufacturing, service, distribution and construction business in one cohesive integrated solution allowing a seamless flow of data. We expect this to provide significantly better business insights and improve overall efficiency.”

If business data is good, then more business data must be better….right? Wrong! Too many construction companies are so busy crunching numbers and generating reports that they don’t have time to focus on what this data really means for their business.

Don’t even go there. Instead, learn which key performance indicators (KPIs) matter most—and how to start tracking them—in a new whitepaper from Acumatica.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • Which KPIs for construction to track—and which to ignore.
  • Why predictive KPIs are the wave of the future.
  • Four essential KPIs for construction company decision-makers.
  • The ideal number of KPIs your business should be tracking.
  • How to systematize your KPI process.

You’re just seconds away from streamlining and enhancing your construction company’s data analysis processes. Don’t miss this chance to get better insight with less work!

This white paper is provided by Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud construction software that contractors rely on to handle their accounting – including job costing, project management, service management, CRM and mobile in one cohesive solution.

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