What’s Causing a SYSPRO Migration?

This Guide provides the many reasons SYSPRO customers are leaving the legacy ERP platform for modern, cloud-native ERP solutions like Acumatica.

New SYSPRO Migration Guide Reveals SYSPRO’s Limitations
“SYSPRO claims to future-proof your business, but how can they do that with legacy code on a non-cloud platform? SYSPRO’s complicated manufacturing and distribution suites, limited accounting features, and rigid business analytic and reporting capabilities render the product useless for smaller businesses focused on growing revenue.”

It is a sad—but familiar—story. An on-premises ERP platform starts out strong, offering the exact features its customers need. Slowly but surely, however, it loses its grip on market share as it continues to rely on aging technology that only gives a nod to the modern, cloud-based technology digital savvy customers now expect. SYSPRO is the legacy ERP solution in this particular story, and a SYSPRO migration is happening.

Acumatica’s SYSPRO Migration Guide discloses:

  • Why SYSPRO—despite claims to the contrary—is not even close to becoming a future-proof solution.
  • The true state of SYSPRO’s reseller channel.
  • How SYSPRO’s robust manufacturing and distribution features can’t overcome its aging architecture, lack of usability, and many feature gaps.

Acumatica’s SYSPRO Migration Guide offers additional insights into SYSPRO’s decline. Download the free Guide today to see what analysts are saying about SYSPRO and why customers choose to leave.

This Guide is offered by Acumatica, a leading cloud business management software provider that gives mid-sized companies a complete, real-time view of their businesses—anytime, anywhere.

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