Customer Success Stories Successful ERP Implementation - Aimtec
Power Supply Component Manufacturer Adopts Acumatica, Gains Accounting Functionality in Multiple Currencies
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Aimtec
HQ in Montreal, Canada; manufacturing and distribution center in Taiwan; other operations around U.S. and Europe
Apps Replaced
Sage and QuickBooks


  • Management has access to multiple companies from single interface
  • Real-time integration with external MES and SCM systems
  • Employees worldwide have continuous access to the company’s new financial/distribution system
  • Ability to account for financial transactions in multiple currencies
  • Company can continue to expand and add users without additional per user costs
"Acumatica was attractive as it allowed me to easily integrate with the custom solutions that gave me a strategic advantage and it dealt with the standard ERP transaction processing in a way that could support my global operations."
Vladimir Serafimov, CEO and President
ERP Solution


Aimtec needed:

  • To upgrade their financial system
  • To manage processes that would enable expansion
  • The right tools to support growth
  • Improved employee connections outside office
ERP Solution

ERP Solution

Serafimov considered upgrading the Sage system, or switching to Microsoft Dynamics, but neither option seemed optimal for his business. He looked for a partner that had expertise in the high-technology industry and a strong track record; Brad Hudon of Acumatica Partner T2VSoft suggested looking at Acumatica as a system that could address Aimtec’s current and future needs.

Serafimov stresses that Hudon’s familiarity with his industry was critical: “The Microsoft Dynamics representative was trying to convince me there’s not much difference between electronic components and a bakery.”

Serafimov had confidence in T2VSoft’s recommendation that Acumatica would meet Aimtec’s needs. He says, “Acumatica was attractive as it allowed me to integrate with the custom solutions that gave me a real strategic advantage easily and it dealt with the standard ERP transaction processing in a way that could support my global operations.”



Serafimov says Acumatica is able to communicate constantly with T2VSoft’s “Lean Hi-Tech” product to provide industry-specific functionality, “Acumatica’s use of web services allows a very tight integration between the systems.” He also notes that a key advantage of a quality ERP system is “the ability to connect all of your employees worldwide with the same speed, the same access.”

Before Aimtec went with Acumatica and the cloud, Serafimov says, “Having a VPN connection connecting employees outside of the office with the server definitely was a disadvantage, compared to a cloud solution.”

He adds that before Acumatica, “it was very hard for us to monitor our inventory through the different stages, as a work-in-progress product.” Now, he says, with Acumatica for transaction processing and financial integrity and additional software from T2VSoft for decision support, manufacturing and process optimization, “We have pretty good control about where a product is. We can better control lead time. That should lead to improving service, which should lead business growth—that’s the main objective.”

Serafimov says, “I like Acumatica; the system overall is very advanced. I would say that it’s really worth it. For me it was a a good choice; I’m not disappointed.”

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