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Successful ERP Implementation: C&O Nursery

Tree nursery switches to Acumatica from Dynamics GP for better integration of accounting and inventory

C&O Nursery began operating in 1906 and has remained a family-run business, now in its fourth generation. It has grown to employ nearly 400 staff during the growing season, with 20 sales representatives around the U.S. Raising and selling dozens of varieties of fruit trees, C&O currently has annual revenues exceeding $12 million.

Since 2008, C&O had used Microsoft Dynamics GP for accounting and payroll, along with special inventory software. In 2012, Office Manager Curt Norton grew frustrated with their outdated set-up. Mr. Norton envisioned integrating accounting and inventory through Microsoft Dynamics GP. He learned, however, that it wouldn’t work. “As I dug into it, there were some inflexible parts of Microsoft Dynamics GP that I didn’t like related to the customizations our company would require,” he says. “We have a lot of customizations in this business.”

About C&O Nursery

Location: Headquarters in Wenatchee, WA, US; several field operations nearby

industry: Agriculture and farming


Application Replaced: Microsoft Dynamics GP
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Key results for C&O Nursery

  • Integrated accounting and inventory streamlines financial management processes
  • Web-based system allows 24/7 remote access
  • Mobile access will improve staff’s connectivity and productivity


C&O Nursery needed:

  • Integrated accounting and inventory systems
  • Ability to easily customize system
I can access Acumatica anywhere I want. Anywhere we have a computer and internet, I can get into Acumatica. In my position it’s important to keep tabs on things.
Curt Norton, Office Manager at C&O Nursery

Curt Norton
Office Manager

ERP Solution

C&O’s Acumatica Gold Certified Partner, Patricia Bennett of PC Bennett Solutions, recommended Acumatica as the solution to C&O’s problem. She notes, “Because Acumatica was browser-based, and because Acumatica was written in .NET, I thought it would be a better application for them to customize than Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

After doing his own research, and extensively consulting with PC Bennett Solutions, Mr. Norton recalls, “I decided that it sounded like a very good solution for us.”

ERP Solution implemented

Benefits for C&O Nursery

Mr. Norton appreciates how Acumatica has streamlined his work: “We finally have a package that is all-in-one and the data is a lot more detailed. This way we don’t have to switch from one program to the next to get our data. All the data is right there in one integrated program.”

The C&O leadership enjoys being able to use Acumatica wherever they go and Mr. Norton adds that the company president also enjoys the accessibility of their data: “He does a lot of traveling and can access Acumatica wherever he is. He can look up different varieties to see if we have any on inventory.” Before implementing Acumatica, this remote access wasn’t possible.

In the future, Mr. Norton says, they will give their field crews access to data through mobile devices. “That was a big selling point for Acumatica for us,” he says. “That is what we’re really looking forward to, being able to get all of our field staff connected to Acumatica, too. They’re going to be able to access directly, rather than calling in or waiting days to get data.”

Mr. Norton is pleased that C&O switched to Acumatica. “It works well,” he says. “It is reliable, built solid.”

Application replaced: Microsoft Dynamics GP

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