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Global Asset

Acumatica Helps IT Support Firm Cut Order Processing Time From Two days to 10 Minutes
Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Global Asset

About Global Asset

Location: Carrollton, Texas (Dallas metropolitan area)

industry: Services


Application Replaced: QuickBooks
"Acumatica allows us to focus more on what is good for our business and our process, rather than being stuck with a system and figuring out how to redesign around its process."

Paul Forres
Operations Manager

Key results for Global Asset

  • Significantly increased staff productivity through integrated financial and inventory data control

  • Improved management of warehouse intake and distribution systems for thousands of items

  • Reduced order processing time from two days to 10 minutes

  • Challenges
  • ERP Solution
  • Outcome


Global Asset needed:

  • To improve the speed and functionality of their inventory and financial systems
  • Everyone in company working off the same system
"Acumatica brings my finances, my inventory control, my sales – everything – into a single system so that the entire company is talking apples to apples."

Paul Forres
Operations Manager

ERP Solution

Global Asset decided to implement Acumatica and has gone through two upgrades so far. Forres says switching the entire company from QuickBooks and spreadsheets to Acumatica produced some challenges, but AIM Solutions, an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner, provided strong support to address their needs. As a result, the staff has grown very comfortable with the software.

Forres says, “It’s a pretty robust package… very flexible. It can do just about anything and can support a lot of lines of business.”

ERP Solution implemented


Forres is pleased that Acumatica helps their staff save “a huge amount of time. It allows us to focus more on what is good for our business and our process, rather than being stuck with a system and figuring out how to redesign around its process.”

He appreciates having customized import scenarios to help manage Global Asset’s warehouse operations. “We might need to deal with five different user interfaces to accomplish one process,” Forres explains. “The import scenario allows us to gather all the information we need offline, put that into a spreadsheet, and—with one click—run through all the streams in the background on Acumatica.”

Forres believes that Acumatica also helps empower staff by giving him the ability to define which users can access different areas within Acumatica: “Acumatica lets you customize, based on user roles, what screens people can see and what they cannot.”

Now that everyone in the entire company is using Acumatica, Forres says their productivity is increasing. “I get a bigger bang for my buck,” he notes.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Mobile
Application replaced:

Most companies got their start using Inuit’s QuickBooks for their financials. But there comes a time when QuickBooks is just not enough. If you’re ready to take the next step, see what Acumatica has to offer.

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