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IntraCoastal Environmental

Acumatica Delivers Project Accounting to Three Growing Firms
Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for IntraCoastal Environmental

About IntraCoastal Environmental

Location: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina

industry: Services


Application Replaced: QuickBooks
"We asked Acumatica to automate time tracking for people working in the field. They listened and delivered the Acumatica Project Accounting Suite that allows us to accurately track project profitability."
Charlie Hutchinson, CFO at IntraCoastal Environmental

Charlie Hutchinson

Key results for IntraCoastal Environmental

  • Richer out-of-the-box feature set with for multi-entity businesses

  • Ease of roll-out

  • Lower TCO

  • Freedom to choose licensing and deployment option

  • Challenges
  • ERP Solution
  • Outcome


Intracoastal Environmental needed:

  • To upgrade from Quickbooks
  • A versatile system for three sister companies with individual needs
  • Functionality and flexibility for growth
  • Compliance with strict regulatory environment
  • Flexibility in licensing and deployment option
"Acumatica makes it really easy for remote employees to access from anywhere. The simplicity of that cannot be overstated."
Charlie Hutchinson, CFO at IntraCoastal Environmental

Charlie Hutchinson

ERP Solution

ICE’s previous solution was QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor edition, a legacy system that failed to meet the trio’s multi-entity accounting requirements because each had different business models.

Being an accounting-only solution, QuickBooks was being stretched to its limits just with the combined company’s 50 employees and $7 million revenue. Rather than delay the inevitable, the decision was made to switch to a fully powered ERP solution that could scale. And only one solution was seriously considered—Acumatica.

ICE was familiar with Acumatica because the key decision-maker used Acumatica at a prior company. ICE already knew that Acumatica offered the following benefits over Intacct and NetSuite:

  • A richer, more complete out-of the-box feature set for multi-entity businesses
  • A lower total cost of ownership with a large number of users
  • The freedom to choose how to own and deploy their solution
  • An ease of roll out and flexible access.

ERP Solution implemented


ICE preferred a solution that required no customizations or additional integration to work, but was versatile enough to accommodate further development when required. Its tests showed that Acumatica was the best fit as it had the most features out-of-the-box at no extra cost, and it offered unparalleled customization capabilities.

With Acumatica, ICE found a solution that could be rolled out to every employee at no extra cost. ICE’s teams in the field, as well as its two sister companies, could easily access the ERP backbone for project and inventory updates across any device, without creating additional IT work or incurring extra costs.

Says Hutchinson: “Acumatica positions us for growth and lets us establish our own workflows to keep up with our needs. We have ultimate flexibility to make sure our ERP works the way we need it to, not stuck with what used to work.”

Acumatica Cloud ERP Mobile
Application replaced:

Most companies got their start using Inuit’s QuickBooks for their financials. But there comes a time when QuickBooks is just not enough. If you’re ready to take the next step, see what Acumatica has to offer.

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