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Vietnam's Leading Fresh Milk Producer Transforms Distribution Management System with Acumatica
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for TH Milk
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TH Milk

  • Transformed sales force execution into world-class standard
  • Streamlined communication across more than 180 distributors nationwide
  • Increased control over sales force of more than 1,000 mobile salespersons
  • Gained real-time visibility into market conditions enabling better real-time decision-making
  • More accurate production planning and inventory optimization
"We have many reporting requirements. Now we’re able to easily give management the latest information—daily, weekly, monthly."
Mr. Hien Huynh Phu, IT Manager
TH Milk
ERP Solution


TH Milk needed:

  • A more seamless system
  • A customizable system
ERP Solution

ERP Solution

TH Milk decided to invest in a centralized Acumatica Cloud ERP platform for these reasons:

  • A single database, hosted on TH Milk’s private cloud, would provide real-time, integrated information to all TH Milk staff, distributors and salespersons
  • Acumatica’s open API allowed TH Milk to integrate the new system with its existing SAP system
  • A user-friendly, web-based, and customizable interface eased user adoption
  • The Acumatica license allowed an unlimited number of users, so the future growth of TH Milk’s distribution network would not be hampered by unforeseen per-user costs

Assisted by DMSpro, an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner, TH Milk deployed the enterprise edition of the Acumatica Financial and Distribution Management suites onto its own private cloud.



The Acumatica system went “live” in September 2013 with 11 distributors; by June 2014, all 180 distributors were onboard. The 1,000 salespersons were trained and equipped with mobile tablets so they could sell from anywhere. Loaded with DMSpro’s AiM (All-in-Mobile) application and leveraging nationwide 3G coverage, mobile devices brought real-time sales force automation to the fingertips of TH Milk’s salespersons, fully integrated with Acumatica.

Now, every morning, salespersons synchronize their sales data with TH Milk’s server via the AiM app. This allows them to receive new pricing or sales promotion information without spending 30-60 minutes to update information like before. They also obtain specific purchasing information for each outlet, enabling them to recommend the right products and quantity for each retailer. Once orders are confirmed, the salespersons log them on the AiM app. The orders are immediately relayed to TH Milk’s server. Instead of waiting till the end of the day for sales orders to be relayed, TH Milk is now able to track every new order in real-time.

Now, with the web-based Acumatica platform, TH Milk knows how much product retailers are selling, and how much stock there is at outlets and distributors’ warehouses. This real-time visibility enables more accurate production planning, and helps optimize inventory costs across its warehouses nationwide.

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