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Successful ERP Implementation: Traveldoo Technologies (an Expedia Inc. Company)

Expedia Inc. subsidiary expands into new countries rapidly with Acumatica's cloud-based ERP

Based in France with offices in the UK, Traveldoo Technologies provides web and mobile platforms for business travel in 40 countries. A subsidiary of Expedia Inc., Traveldoo’s solutions simplify travel planning and booking, optimize travel spend, and improve risk and crisis management.

The fast-growing firm chose Acumatica as its first ERP in 2013 for its flexibility, ease of use and ability to handle multiple international operations.

About Traveldoo Technologies (an Expedia Inc. Company)

Location: Suburban Paris, France

industry: Travel and hospitality


Application Replaced: Other

Key results for Traveldoo Technologies (an Expedia Inc. Company)

  • Saves 1.5 days a month consolidating statements
  • Real-time access to financial data
  • Automated invoicing and billing based on complex rules and policies
  • Drives multi-country business with multiple currencies
  • Enabled collaboration with suppliers and resellers of products and services


Traveldoo Technologies needed:

  • Real-time financial data
  • Flexible system, one that could support the complete automation for invoicing customers
  • Multiple currency capabilities that could be accessed over the internet from anywhere
Now I have a system that provides me with enough analytics to drive my business and support the way we report.
Rachid Ouaddour, Finance Manager at Traveldoo Technologies (an Expedia Inc. Company)

Rachid Ouaddour
Finance Manager


Traveldoo’s Finance Manager, Rachid Ouaddour, who previously worked for Accenture, knew exactly what he didn’t want when selecting an ERP. At previous companies, he had used SAP and another large ERP system; neither was flexible or user-friendly. “One of the implementations was very difficult, it took 10 months for a very small entity.” Neither system was easy to use, he adds.

Mr. Ouaddour looked at Sage and Microsoft Dynamics Navision and the outside accountant handling Traveldoo’s accounting recommended Acumatica. SiPD, an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner based in Quebec, Canada, had already translated Acumatica into French for the French Canadian market.

A demo of Acumatica was all Mr. Ouaddour needed to make his decision. “Compared to SAP and the other ERP system I had used, when I saw Acumatica, I said ‘Wow, it’s easy to use, easy to record and easy to generate a report,’” he says. “That is not the case for other solutions. When I was thinking about my team and I, I knew I wanted a solution that was easy to use, easy to understand, easy to implement, and not expensive—and that is Acumatica.”

ERP Solution implemented

Benefits for Traveldoo Technologies (an Expedia Inc. Company)

“Acumatica is an easy-to-use SaaS system [powered by Amazon Web Services] that I can use with just a browser and a password,” Mr. Ouaddour says. “I don’t need a server and there was no additional hardware needed. When I log in, I have a system where I can see key information and find transactions easily.”

Acumatica is intuitive, and drilling down to needed details is easy, he says.

“Acumatica manages both our France and UK operations allowing me to see results in EUR and GBP. At the end of the day, I can push one or two buttons and have a complete profit and loss statement for all of Traveldoo in a single currency,” he says. That feature is important because the company is expanding into new countries, he says.

“We intend to become a leader and an international company, and now we are more efficient in our processes, especially in invoicing and analytics, which allows us to better understand our revenue streams and our outcomes,” says Mr. Ouaddour. “It was hard to have that granularity with an outside accounting system.”

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