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Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform reduces development time for Kensium Solutions, opens new revenue stream
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Kensium Solutions
Headquarters in Chicago, IL, US; other operations in India; serving over 200 customers around the world
Custom software development

Kensium Solutions

  • Reduced development time and cost since Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform is built on familiar .NET technology
  • Maximum control and flexibility for developers with the platform’s pre-built ERP and CRM functionality
  • Acumatica support ensures a live person can address any questions documentation might not
Rahul Gedupudi
"It gives you a lot more control as a developer. There’s nothing you cannot do within the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform."
Rahul Gedupudi, CTO
Kensium Solutions
ERP Solution


Since Kensium Solutions started in 2006, with only three experts in their fields, it has grown to nearly 180 employees working on the IT side. CEO Richard Grossi says, “We’ve done development work, custom applications, websites, workflows… basically using .NET, PHP and JAVA, and all the various tools that are in those spheres.” They are currently focusing on e-commerce, document management and customization & development services.

CEO Grossi learned about the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform from a friend who suggested Kensium could fit well with Acumatica in the e-commerce area. In 2012, Grossi says, they approached Acumatica: “We talked through some of the ideas that Acumatica had and some of the things Kensium could bring to the table.”

Since the initial meeting Kensium Solutions and Acumatica have forged a collaborative partnership. Their first effort involved an e-commerce integration with Acumatica. Grossi notes, “We decided to architect the integration with Magento. We rolled it out in 4th quarter of 2012; we’ve been at it since then.” Having certified Magento developers in-house, Grossi says, “It was an easy fit for us.”

CTO Rahul Gedupudi praises the involvement of Acumatica’s technical staff during the development process: “They provided the framework to talk to Acumatica from an open source platform, such as Linux, PHP and so on. It reduced development time significantly.”

ERP Solution

ERP Solution

CTO Rahul Gedupudi notes that Kensium has worked on integrations with various products, including NetSuite, QuickBooks and others. In comparison, he says, “The integration with Acumatica was the easiest, primarily because of the way Acumatica was structured and the way the web services platform was constructed within Acumatica. It made integration very seamless.”

The custom solutions that Kensium offers would not happen on another platform. “The only other platform that compares with Acumatica is probably NetSuite, and customization in NetSuite is a pain; it’s not feasible, actually,” says Gedupudi. “The things you can do with Acumatica, you can’t even imagine doing that with other platforms.”

Gedupudi continues: “The uniqueness of Acumatica is the way it’s structured on the Cloud, and the framework that allows you to customize anything easily. As long as you know basic .NET technology and the Acumatica objects, you can do whatever is needed for the customer.”



The Kensium team praises the ease-of-use of the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform. CTO Gedupudi explains, “One of the nice things about Acumatica is that all we had to do was just navigate through the platform, go to a screen which had the information that we needed, and immediately we had the web services that could get the data. It is quite different from any other platform that we’ve worked with.”

Gedupudi adds, “Compared to other platforms, Acumatica is much more flexible. It gives you a lot more control as a developer. There’s nothing you cannot do within the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform. You’re not restricted by technology limitations. You have access to the complete .NET framework, so you can pretty much do anything you want.”

Another benefit of Acumatica is the support: “With other platforms, there’s nobody available to talk to; it’s almost like they give you documentation and you’re on your own,” Gedupudi reports. “An e-commerce integration does require a lot of customizations to the ERP side as well, and the challenges with other platforms—making any changes to the ERP side is very, very complicated. That part was also made quite easy with the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform, because whatever additional fields we’d need, whatever additional process we needed on the Acumatica side, we could build directly onto the Acumatica platform.”

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