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Acupower ChatGPT Integration

Our ChatGPT integraion helps with following:
1. Monitoring Cases, and provides reply automatically, based on information in invoices, Sales orders and shipments
2. Monitoring of email, and quick reply based on what infromation is contained within ERP about the customer.
3. Automatic analysis of Generic inquiries, and providing suggestions based on what is available in provided GI
4. Assistance with email rephrasing for improving communication with Vendors, Customers, Business accounts

Acumatica Certified Application
Industry Served
Cross industries or Distribution

Key features

  • Analysis of sales for giving replies
  • Analysis of invoices for giving replies
  • Analysis of customer balances for giving replies
  • Cases monitoring for giving a reply
  • Email rephrasing
  • Generic inquiries analysis

About Acupower LTD

AcuPower LTD started from Acumatica MVP - Yuriy Zaletskyy
He started one of the most popular blogs among Acumatica developers: blog.zaletskyy.com

Starting from 2021 AcuPower started to operate as Legal entity, based in the UK

Our core expertise is Acumatica developers, who come through 3 months special training on Acumatica Development. And that training is not just reading Acumatica training, and passing exams.
We have our internal training program, after graduating from which we give developers access to the customers.

With flow of time, we\'ve added business analysts, project managers and QA in order to provide our customers with best possible products.
Working with us, you\'ll get:
1. Quick reply ( between 7 - 24 hours ), which will be transparent and honest as possible
2. Risk mitigation - we provide 30 days warranty on all our packages
3. Clear expectations and accurate scope from the start
5. Knowledge sharing - if any team members get sick, we have another team member quickly being able to replace him.
6. Passionate people. For you it means, that you\'ll be served by people with fire in the eyes, and energy in the voice



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