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AP Invoice Processing Automation

With out-of-box intelligence and full integration with Acumatica – InvoiceAction enables rapid implementation of invoice data extraction with high accuracy while eliminating manual error-prone processes required prior to data entry into Acumatica. Automating invoice acquisition, validation of vendor invoice information for both PO and non-PO based invoices, business rules compliance along with workflow notifications for Approvers and AP clerks – results in lower operational costs, process transparency and revenue management.

Acumatica Certified Application
  • 2021 R1, 2020 R2, 2020 R1, 2019 R2, 2019 R1, 2018 R2, 2018 R1
  • Connected with Acumatica
  • Always Current
Industry Served
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Key features

  • Automated Multi-Channel invoice acquisition
  • Automated Data Extraction - Validation, Workflow, Data Entry
  • User Assisted Machine Learning increases straight-through processing
  • Machine learning for Line Item Tables
  • Cascading db lookups for invoice data validations and vendor classification
  • Push notifications for Approvals and Verification's

About Artsyl Document Imaging

Artsyl Technologies, founded in 2002, is a publisher of an Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform delivering Digital Transformation and Intelligent Process Automation to companies struggling with document-based business processes that are “stuck” in the untransformed world.

With over 15 years of experience making even the most complex business processes simple, efficient and cost-effective, Artsyl serves over 900 customers globally and is integrated with many other ISV, RPA and BPM offerings. The Artsyl IPA Platform utilizes Digital Transformation technologies, such as Intelligent Document Capture, AI, RPA, Machine Learning, iPaaS and analytics in conjunction with a no-code processes designer and wizards to guide Users through required activities that represent a unified workforce of automation and people.

Artsyl’s highly customizable platform focused on eliminating manual steps and accelerating the delivery of highly accurate data, can be applied to any business process and meet specific customer requirements to automate document and data acquisition, classification, data extraction, validation of extracted data and business rules, and entries into required ERP or other business application endpoints.

Arising from this platform, Artsyl also offers Action Solutions which are pre-configured with process-specific intelligence for key mission-critical business processes such as Invoice, Sales Orders, Remittance and Medical Claims processing, accelerating implementations and helping to manage overall project costs.

Artsyl’s IPA platform and Action Solutions are sold through many Resellers worldwide, EPR Marketplaces and can be utilized as a SaaS Cloud or on-premise subscription with a perpetual licensing option.


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