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With out-of-box intelligence and full integration with Acumatica – InvoiceAction enables rapid implementation of invoice data extraction with high accuracy while eliminating manual error-prone processes required prior to data entry into Acumatica.  Automating invoice acquisition, validation of vendor invoice information for both PO and non-PO based invoices, business rules compliance along with workflow notifications for Approvers and AP clerks – results in lower operational costs, process transparency and revenue management.

Key features

  • Automated Multi-Channel invoice acquisition
  • Automated Data Extraction - Validation, Workflow, Data Entry
  • User Assisted Machine Learning increases straight-through processing
  • Machine learning for Line Item Tables
  • Cascading db lookups for invoice data validations and vendor classification
  • Push notifications for Approvals and Verification's

Benefits for Your Business

Industry Served

  • Cross industries


About Artsyl

Artsyl Technologies, founded in 2002, is a publisher of an Intelligent Process Automation platform.  Providing services for implementations and support we partner with customers to help them increase business efficiencies and long-term success.

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