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Introducing Asgard Labels: Revolutionizing Label Printing for Acumatica

Experience the unparalleled freedom and efficiency of printing labels directly from any Acumatica screen, without the need for additional applications or complex integrations. Imagine the convenience of creating and modifying labels effortlessly, without relying on your IT department. Picture the ability to tailor labels based on specific screen values or user requirements. Consider the significant time and cost savings you'll achieve by eliminating the need to hire developers for label model creation.

Welcome to Asgard Labels, the remarkable Acumatica solution designed to empower your label printing process.

Leveraging the wealth of data already present in your Acumatica system, including product information, lot/serial numbers, addresses, customers, vendors, locations, and transaction numbers, Asgard Labels ensures seamless integration and enables an optimized and cost-effective supply chain. Gone are the days of using incorrect labels, as our intelligent logic rules intelligently display or hide labels based on specific conditions.

Creating label models is a breeze with Asgard Labels. Utilize simple Data Elements such as Screen, Function, Image, and Content to define your labels. Easily translate and format your data with our extensive range of data translation and substitution options. Enhance your labels by selecting from our comprehensive library of Font definitions. Incorporate barcodes effortlessly using our Barcode definitions. Infuse your labels with vibrant colors by choosing from hundreds of Color definitions. It's that simple.

Unlock the full potential of Asgard Labels with these powerful use cases:

Shipping labels featuring POSTNET™ or Intelligent Mail® barcodes and your company's logo.
Inventory labels with multiple barcodes for Inventory ID, Serial, Lot, Expiry Date, and more.
Receipt or Transfer labels with GS1®/ISO barcodes or customized 2D barcode content.
Employee badges featuring QR® codes for seamless identification.
Shipping labels integrated with RFID tags for enhanced tracking.
Large location labels (Letter or Legal, Portrait or Landscape) printed on plain papers, scannable from a distance of up to 50 feet.
Customized Acumatica reports with 2D barcodes, such as Packing Slips.
Printing labels directly from a Generic Inquiry, expanding your flexibility.
These are just a few examples of what Asgard Labels can accomplish. Prepare to save valuable time, reduce costs, and eliminate frustration from your label printing process. Your employees will appreciate the simplicity and efficiency Asgard Labels brings to their workflow.

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  • Fulfilled by Acumatica
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served

Key features

  • Intuitive label model configuration without the need for programming skills
  • Real-time rendering and previewing of label models using sample data within Acumatica
  • Extensive data source flexibility, including any screen or GI field and customizable expressions
  • Seamlessly associate one or multiple labels with any Acumatica screen, with the option to print them separately or together in a single click
  • Rapid label printing through our hassle-free Cloud Print solution or compatibility with DeviceHub printers
  • Incorporate logos and images into your labels for a visually appealing output
  • Robust barcode capabilities, supporting various formats including 2D barcodes with standard or custom content
  • Dynamic label display using expressions based on screen values, enabling tailored labeling for different scenarios
  • Enhance Acumatica reports with 2D barcode integration
  • Print labels with vibrant graphics and customizable colors, adapting to logical rules if needed
  • Full native integration with Acumatica, providing a seamless and self-contained labeling solution

About Asgard Alliance Software

Asgard Alliance Software is a Montreal-based company with more than 25 years of ERP software development and implementation experience.
We are a team of professionals specializing in ERP customizations and API integrations for Acumatica.

We are extremely passionate about what we do, which translates into positive client experiences and rewarding results on both sides. Our many years of experience, fresh creativity and unwavering dedication sets us apart from the competition and distinguishes Asgard Alliance as the preferred ERP development services partner. All of our developers are Acumatica certified and we even have our own Developer MVP.



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Case Study Pure Sun Farms

Customer Reviews

Campbell, Tarlyn
Pure Sunfarms
Highly Recommend Asgard Labels
January 10th, 2024

We implemented Asgard Labels in the fall of 2023 and had an amazing experience with the team at Asgard. We gave 84% of teams time back by standardizing and use out-of-the-box Acumatica fields to host critical master data that was then exposed on labels. Complex integrations were removed, and teams stopped manual entry. I highly recommend Asgard Labels to anyone who has to print a label at any point in their operations -- this team will simplify and enhance anything when it comes to labels.

Colmenares, Roberto
Group III
Asgard Implementation, Amazing Solution
July 26th, 2023

First and foremost, I would like to commend the Asgard team on successfully integrating the new Asgard Labels software with our Acumatica ERP. The installation process was smooth, and the software seamlessly synchronized with our existing infrastructure without causing any disruptions. This level of compatibility is highly commendable and speaks to the technical expertise of your development team.
One of the standout aspects of your solution is its intuitive user interface. Asgard Labels provides a user-friendly experience, allowing navigation through its various modules with ease. The labeling templates are well-organized and visually appealing, making it simple for our staff to generate professional-looking labels efficiently and fast.
Asgard also provides additional solution functionality for Pallets and UPC generation while keeping the item master data simple to read and maintain.
Thank you once again for your outstanding product and excellent support. We look forward to continuing our partnership with your company and exploring future collaborations.

DeVito, Garrett
Adam Tech USA
A phenomenal label and packing slip solution!
August 23rd, 2022

Our company started using Acumatica about 3 years ago in the fall of 2019. We knew going in that Acumatica was not going to be able to accommodate our requirements to print 2D barcodes. So, we opted for a 3rd party completely external software that would need to be linked to our data in Acumatica. This external solution was full of flaws and an enormous headache to deal with on a fairly consistent basis. Constant glitches, loss of files, linking issues, you name it. About 6 months ago we engaged with our support partner to find a new solution that could integrate seamlessly into Acumatica and that's when we discovered ASGARD ALLIANCE. The Asgard solution is exactly what we had been waiting for and it resolves every issue we had with our old solution. We're able to print all of our labels and packing slips directly from Acumatica without any loss of data or connection concerns. Stephane and his team at AA were in constant communication with us during the entire setup phase and promptly addressed any and all concerns. Our labels and packing slips were re-created in Asgard exactly to our liking and we feel a burden has been lifted off our shoulders. I would highly recommend Asgard Alliance for labeling and packing slip solutions!

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