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Nonprofit Accounting Solution

NonProfitPlus enhances the cloud ERP experience for nonprofits, providing the unique functionality required to run a successful not-for-profit organization. NonProfitPlus empowers organizations through effective financial management, offering a suite of modules that is tightly integrated with Acumatica Financial Suite, Procurement (Purchasing, Requisition and Requests), Inventory; Donated and Granted, Expense Management, Time Entry, and Fixed Assets.

NonProfitPlus offers:
1) Fund Management: Managing funds like Unrestricted, Restricted, Endowment and Board with fund accounting.
2) Grant Management: Manage grant funders like Federal, State, Foundation and NonProfit. The draw down process can be automated to manage reimbursement, restricted revenue release and revenue recognition types and indirects all within.
3) Program Management: Manage programs or departments with account restriction and employee access restricted to their responsibility.
4) Encumbrance Accounting: Utilizes the procurement modules to provide visibility into budget spending with budget checking and spending protection during data entry.
5) Budget Management: Select budget tracking method within each fund, grant and program with budget entry by account, subaccount, nonstock and business account. Upload payroll journal entries that include specific employee data with visibility through inquiries.
6) Endowment Accounting: Manage funders and investment association with fee, payout, distribution and capital call processing. Record gifts, proceeds and other contributions.

The Acumatica Nonprofit Accounting Suite enables nonprofit organizations to demonstrate accountability and stewardship, maintain funding sources, and engage leadership by analyzing your true financial picture easily.

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  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
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Key features

  • Fund Management
  • Fund Accounting
  • Manage Restricted Funds
  • Grant Management
  • Drawdown Process includes; Reimbursement, Restricted Revenue Release and Revenue Recognition
  • Budget Management, Verification and Spending Protection with Budget Checking on data entry screens
  • Program Management
  • Encumbrance Accounting
  • Endowment Accounting
  • Pooled Investment with fee and payout schedules

About Accounting System Integrators, LLC

NonProfitPlus is business management software engineered with nonprofits in mind from the ground up. NonProfitPlus does not repurpose existing modules but has natively developed each module for the benefit of nonprofit organizations. Delivered on the powerful Acumatica platform, NonProfitPlus brings a new level of functionality that empowers nonprofit organizations to efficiently manage their grants and restricted funds through automated processes. Endowment accounting has been added to expand functionality for assisting Colleges and Universities to track funders, investment market value and costs for individual investments or pooled investments, as well as fees and payouts.

Accounting System Integrators (ASI) is the developer of NonProfitPlus, and has been developing software solutions for over 25 years.



Grant Management
NonProfitPlus Overview
Budget Management
Program Management


Customer Reviews

Harris, Jarrod
World Coffee Research
Great Product
July 17th, 2020

Great product, especially for contract-based funding. Very helpful for processing monthly reimbursements. Many options and configurations available.

Perryman, Pamela
Perryman & Associates
Knowledgeable team and easy to work with!
July 16th, 2020

The team at Non Profit Plus are amazing to work with! They are knowledgeable and a great partner in a joint implementation scenario. Jim and Bill both are super easy to work and totally focused on client success!

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