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CatalogPro - Catalog Enhancements for Acumatica

CatalogPro is a must have for companies that depend on vendors for their inventory and pricing. Distribution companies that dropship, just in time distributors and/or manufacturers that make to order or IT companies selling licensing from Microsoft, Oracle, etc. Catalog Pro provides greater flexibility and has many features not available in standard Acumatica Cloud ERP such as purchasing catalog items that are not dependent on a sales order. With Catalog Pro there is no need to setup catalog items as stock items. Our catalog does not require all the items to be set up as stock for those one-time purchase items that don't need to clutter up your inventory files. However, you can report on such orders in case it turns out you are selling an item that needs to be a stock item. In addition, there is no need to delete old catalogs by setting up effective dates on items such as old to new pricing. You can also notify sales team of any promotional pricing set to expire on unprocessed orders.

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Key features

  • Use default stock Item ID (called special order item ID) across multiple one time or rarely purchased items you may not want to store in system
  • Easily upload catalogs into Vendor Catalog screen, managing multiple catalogs across one or multiple vendors. Ability to manage: Vendors cost, List Price, Vendor Part ID, Manufacturer ID, Weight & package dimensions, Qty & UOM per pack size
  • Catalog items that have a matching vendor and vendor part ID tied to Acumatica stock item will display the Acumatica Inventory item and use that in forms vs the special order item ID.
  • Pull in Unit Cost from catalog tied to orders throughout system and on purchase orders
  • Pull in list price for customers or use your customer specific pricing & discounts
  • Only show catalog choices for orders or purchasing that have an active effective from and effective to date.
  • Track and report on items and purchase frequency by catalog
  • Easily convert catalog items into an Acumatica stock items if sales warrant the need to stock in your inventory
  • Ability to use catalog beginning at sales quote stage through to sales order and purchasing
  • Ability to search and use catalog items in purchasing that are not dependent on a sales order
  • No need to delete old catalogs. When new effective date is in effect, the new catalog pricing shows moving forward (does not change existing order
  • Clean up your non-stock inventory items with CatalogPro!

About Clients First Business Solutions

Clients First Business Solutions is in the business of helping small to medium sized enterprises implement ERP software for organizations worldwide. Clients First has locations including Clients First Texas office that has strong expertise in the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) for aviation and heavy equipment and has developed ProMRO within Acumatica to address the specific needs of this industry. We also have expertise within Manufacturing (Discrete, Project Based, Engineer-to-Order/Make-to-Order), Specialty Construction, and Distribution.


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