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Increase your cash flow and reduce collection times by automating your collection activities with this powerful Collections Management add-on for Acumatica. Natively built, this tool helps you to easily create collection activities and manage overdue invoices. Track phone calls, email, notes, and tasks, and then associate those with your open receivables and follow-up activities. View and manage your collection activities in one screen in Acumatica.

Additionally, create multiple collection plans. Design your own email templates using the native email functionality and based on customer plan steps. Associate these plans to specific customers and different employees. You can also define email receipts for templates and branches. The best, time-saving feature is you can set the collection plans to automatically close activities tied to paid invoices!

This add-on pays for itself quickly. You too can free up time so your team can focus more on unpaid documents and reduce your days-to-pay number. With all the easy and comprehensive built-in views, you can analyze customers, open vs. closed activities, days past due, slow paying customers and more.

Acumatica Certified Application
  • 2022 R2, 2022 R1, 2021 R2, 2021 R1, 2020 R2
  • Fulfilled by Acumatica
  • Natively Built with Acumatica
  • Always Current
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Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Natively built within Acumatica for seamless integration with all collections details
  • Mass create tasks, calls, notes and emails with overdue invoices attached
  • Design your own email templates using the native Acumatica email functionality and based on customer plan steps
  • Automatically close activities associated to paid invoices, freeing up time to focus on unpaid documents
  • Associate specific customers to collections plans and employees to specific customers
  • Define different email recipients for different email templates and branches
  • Reduce your days-to-pay number with built-in tools for analysis on activities, days past due, and slow paying customers
  • Create multiple collections plans, and based on your customer payment history, tie a specific automated collection plan to each customer
  • Quickly create and track collection activities including phone calls, emails, notes, and tasks. Associate those activities with open Receivable documents
  • View all customer documents, open and closed activities and schedule future activities for a specific customer in the same screen

About Crestwood Associates LLC

Founded in 1998, Crestwood Associates, a Acumatica Gold Certified Partner and 2-time Acumatica Partner of the Year winner (2016 & 2017), brings you simple, yet powerful, add-on products for Acumatica. As the leading Acumatica partner, we developed add-ons to fill the gaps our clients required. Now we are sharing them with you and your clients.

Standing behind our Acumatica add-ons is a team of highly qualified professionals. The Crestwood team has collected an extensive array of Acumatica certifications, as well as complementary industry credentials. For more information, visit www.crestwood.com.




Customer Reviews

Brown, Ryan
xByte Technologies
Great Time and Money Saver
January 29th, 2021

Before collections manager, we would print out our AR report, go through it making check boxes next to the customers we talked to, and writing notes directly on the printout. We would end up keeping copies of the prior month report to look for old notes. We now manage that process within Acumatica on a single screen, have our system remind our customers, and keep notes where they persist over time and everyone can see them. We have grown 50% over the past few years and our AR is lower than it was before.

Collins, Laura
Eclectic Innovative Solutions LLC
Love the Automation
January 28th, 2021

I have this solution in my Acumatica 2020R2 instance and it is extremely helpful particularly in the area of automating email delivery to customers. I have 7 companies. This solution has provided the automation of statement delivery, the automation of reminder emails that include attachment of invoices to customers that a payment is coming due, and the automation of emails with invoices attached that informs a customer that their balance is past due.. I am able to on my own, to create and manage a collections plan for each of my companies. And I can create collection plans by customer providing the flexibility I need to address collection needs for each of them based on the payment behavior. This solution provides much more including a dashboard that gives me visibility to our priority collection activities. Prior to implementing this solution we spent hours organizing emails and attaching invoices to them. This effort was difficult to stay on top of. After using this solution for one year we have been able to approve our DSO by 11 days overall and our most challenging company had DSO of 70 days in 2019 and now is down to 51 days for year ending 2020. Needless to say the solution has been provided an outstanding ROI.

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