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DynaRent is a new generation of equipment rental software integrating rental, sales, service and repair, and accounting into a single system running on Acumatica’s powerful business suite. DynaRent provides streamlined rental order entry, subrentals, kits, recurring billing, asset management and many more features that set it apart from older rental software packages. DynaRent runs in a web browser. You may choose an on-premises deployment or run in the cloud. Rental industries served include:

• Construction tool rental
• Heavy equipment rental
• Retail rental
• Electronics rental
• Scaffolding and shoring rental
• Staging and production rental
• Equipment dealerships
• Oilfield service rental
• Portable toilet/porta potty rental

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Distinct rental order module, separated from the sales order screen, that relies on all sales-related master files and processes, like customers, salespeople, pricing, and credit rules
  • Simple handling of both serialized and non-serialized equipment
  • Kits for grouping commonly used items under a single description and/or single price
  • Color-coded graphics calendar that displays equipment availability in the coming weeks
  • Automatic emails for important rental order events such as: delivery and return
  • Instant notification of availability shortages as customer service enters each order line
  • Asset management features including backward and forward utilization, asset profitability, and subrental efficiency reporting
  • Service and repair profitability on each piece of equipment
  • Dispatch management, including Google map integration of planned routes for each delivery vehicle
  • Mobile features for smartphone capture of: pictures of damaged returns, delivery signatures, and other in-field rental transactions
  • Multi-site availability of equipment across all locations
  • Automatic return invoicing for damaged and missing items
  • Inspection process for controlling the check-in of complicated machinery
  • Telematics to report field locations of in-use equipment
  • Monthly billing for long term rentals; ad hoc billing for short term activity and damages
  • Billing for excess odometer usage
  • “Quick bill” process for walk-in / counter rentals
  • Integrated web catalog shopping for rental and sale items
  • Management of customer insurance limits versus equipment replacement value
  • Service contracts for repair, parts, service costs, and actual field labor collection
  • Automatic route assignment for new orders
  • Elegant, color-coded weekly/monthly calendar showing all scheduled services pending
  • Easy-to-use labor schedule for assigning crew members for installation, operation or tear-down
  • Oil service industry features, including flexible reporting of daily in-use and standby time

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mbsPartners specializes in mid-market solutions for a variety of industries, including distributors and manufacturers. mbsPartners has 11 offices around the US and has been an Acumatica partner since 2013.





Customer Reviews

Benoit, Caryn
Anniversary Holdings
Powerful Rental Software Saving Time Effort & Money
January 21st, 2022

DynaRent and their team supported our oil service needs with some important features unique to the oil service industry. At Dynasty Energy Services, we have used DynaRent to replace our legacy system, and unify all of our locations. DynaRent brings us into a world where we now run a single enterprise platform supporting “best practices” for all rental operations and asset management company-wide.

Martin Graham, Mr.
Keep it simple software (KISS)
Does what it says on the tin
November 3rd, 2021

In the UK prospects look at leading rental software packages such as inspHire and Point of Rental. Tying up with Doug and the team for a product demo left our prospects software selection team talking about one choice - Acumatica. If you're looking for advanced equipment rental and asset management on a single platform, don’t waste time looking at old rental software products - go straight to DynaRent. All the power of the platform unleashed coupled with a company that really knows rental - what's not to like? Connected business, delivered.

Carman Shantell, Mrs.
Single Source Systems
DynaRent is the only rental software an Acumatica user should consider.
July 23rd, 2021

When our heavy equipment rental prospect approached us about implementing a new rental software, we were extremely hesitant in furthering our conversations with them based on limitations within the Field Service module and the fact that this was a smaller heavy equipment rental prospect, but before I wrote off the lead as NOT QUALIFIED... I started looking at the marketplace and found a few other rental software suites available for Acumatica. Problems began to surface immediately, making me quickly move through these possible integrations, and disqualifying them as a potential solution, and then I found DynaRent. After our initial conversation, it was clear that this was the integration we needed to evaluate further for our prospect, then we held a follow up, more detailed evaluation and demo. And it was made clear these other solutions would put our relationship with the client at risk and DynaRent was the exact functionality integration we needed to take the Acumatica ERP solution to a top notch, complete business management solution for our prospect. After just a single hour and half demo, my company's President was totally won over. This will be one of the easiest sales I’ve ever made!
Doing business with DynaRent was a great decision for our prospect. After this experience working with the DynaRent team, we quickly realized that working with them in the future would help us be able to provide a complete solution for many other prospects in our target market.

Fournet, Kenneth
AIM Technologies
Great Rental Product
January 28th, 2021

We sold DynaRent to one of our struggling Oil and Gas clients to replace their antiquated Rental Management System. It was a great success. The team was knowledgeable and were able to meet the needs of the client. As we have progressed they have made wonderful changes to fit the client more specifically. Especially in these times of shrinking margin and the need to manage cost, DynaRent helps keep track off all your equipment and maintain it for peak performance. Highly recommended solution with Acumatica.

Nelson, Eriq
Pro Photo Supply
Flexible and Powerful
October 13th, 2020

I think the most important thing when selecting a customization for an ERP is how closely we can get it to fit to our business model. Not the other way around. With Dynarent we've been able to mutate the baseline installation to meet the needs of our industry and clients in fairly rapid order. We've been through generations of "Off the shelf" rental solutions and all of them fail to address our needs as comprehensively.

There's nothing better than a bespoke suit in my opinion that's what Dynarent has done for our rental business.

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