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Acusync for BigCommerce

Connect Acumatica to your BigCommerce eCommerce solution. AcuSync’s BigCommerce connects in real-time, automatically importing eCommerce transactions into Acumatica. Simplify transactions of product, customer, and fulfillment data. Improve customer and order management by automatically syncing relevant information with realtime two-way sync. Stay in sync with AcuSync and the BigCommerce connector.

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
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Key features

  • Data Entry – Record data in one system scientifically reducing overhead, manual data entry time, errors, data conflicts.
  • Leverage Customer Data - Connect BigCommerce solution to sync all customer data including customer records, orders, sales, billing and shipping data across Acumatica and back to BigCommerce.
  • Real-Time Data Flow – Automatically synchronize data real-time as transactions are imported.  Ease in accounting management a single source of truth for accurate, real time sales data in which to make decisions.
  • Advanced Mapping - Use translations to automatically convert values between systems, including key values. Control how and when each data field is updated and lookup data from related records when needed.
  • Simplified Returns – Fully integrated customer data and customer portals allow for customer-initiated returns into your BigCommerce system our connectors synchronize inventory, accounting, CRM information.
  • Advanced Fulfillment – Power up your BigCommerce with Acumatica pick-pack-ship process, inventory controls, messaging and tracking to the customer.
  • Error Management - Easily identify integration errors and take appropriate action. Quarantine errors allow unaffected records to integrate successfully. Automatically retry and resolve errors.
  • Limitless Connections - Universal data providers allow for integrations with databases, files, and API standards like ODATA. Build new data providers and easily integrate systems into Acumatica.

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