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Four13 eCommerce Development and Integration Services

At Four13 Group we develop winning eCommerce solutions.

While that may sound straightforward, there’s nuance in those words.

Words have immense power.
These words were chosen carefully.
Each of these words has significance.

We are nothing without our clients. We are nothing without our team members. We're all in this together. We're not doing it alone, and we're not leaving you hanging. Ride or die, for better or worse, we're by your side.

These aren't toy blocks. This is software development. We use the same, and sometimes better technology as the largest companies in the world to build massively scalable eCommerce solutions for you, our clients. We focus on building solutions upon market-leading technology companies like BigCommerce, Shopify, Acumatica, Elasticsearch and others.

Success in eCommerce looks different for every client. Some clients need to focus on efficiency or process improvements. Some clients will trade anything for top-line growth. Whatever winning looks like for you, that's what we want to deliver, because we love to see you win!

The truth is, we can write any software. We've found the highest value to our clients is when we apply our abilities to the problem of eCommerce. Sometimes that is an actual transactional eCommerce site, other times it’s the integration of that site into an ERP system like Acumatica.

There are occasions when the first step doesn't involve software, rather it involves improving a process, or creating operational efficiency. We won't create growth that our clients can't handle. Your win is paramount so sometimes we ask to delay a software project for you to focus on those process improvements that will allow you to take full advantage of the software project.

Industry Served
Cross industries or eCommerce & Retail

Key features

  • Core eCommerce - BigCommerce, NopCommerce, Shopify and Others
  • eCommerce Integration - eCommerce integration with other systems like Acumatica
  • App-based eCommerce - Progressive Web App / Headless Commerce / Commerce-as-a-Service
  • eCommerce Search and Analytics - Search, Analytics and Data Visualization powered by Elastic Stack
  • eCommerce Marketing - SEO and Content Strategy / Execution

About Four13

Four13 Group is a boutique software development company focused on developing winning eCommerce solutions for our clients. Founded in 2013, Four13 Group has designed and developed dozens of websites for clients around the country.

Our clients range from multi-million dollar B2B companies just dipping their toe in B2B eCommerce, B2C retailers looking to extend their stores online, and everywhere in-between. Our partnership with Acumatica allows us to come alongside Acumatica clients as they work through integrations with various eCommerce platforms.

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