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Fusion Warehouse Management Solution

FusionWMS is the only full warehouse management solution embedded in Acumatica with no external tables or applications other than the software on the Android handheld. With ten years of providing Acumatica solutions and 100s of successful installs, FusionWMS continues to add essential inventory management enhancements, advanced pick pack and ship capabilities and shipping solutions all with the ability to be customized for Acumatica’s most complex environments.

  • Fulfilled by Acumatica
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
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Key features

  • Real-time Integration with Acumatica
  • Configurable UI
  • PO Lookup / Select from Handheld
  • Multi-PO Receipt
  • Receive to Receipt or Default Bin
  • Pallet Management
  • Shipment Optimization
  • Pick Optimization
  • Pick to Pallet
  • Multi-Pick Options available like, Wave/Batch/Zone/Priority/UOM
  • Rapid Scan - Serial / Lot
  • Advanced Label Printing
  • Inter-Warehouse Moves
  • Floor bins can automatically refill with goods from storage or bulk bins, facilitating bin efficiency
  • Down Stock/Restock
  • Pick Status Descriptor
  • Whole distribution channels
  • Paperless Warehouse
  • Independent Pick Sequence
  • Issuance of License Plating / Pallet ID
  • Provides the essential pack content specifications for shipments
  • Provides built-in connection with a few EDI providers
  • Warehouse Zones can be used to segment pick lists

About Kensium LLC

Kensium is Acumatica’s Official Commerce Partner and one of the longest-serving ISVs in the Acumatica ecosystem. We evaluate and deploy modern ecommerce and ERP technologies in the ecommerce / retail space, so you can optimize back-office operations, multiply your traffic, AOV, conversion rates, and repeat customers.

We have a full-service Acumatica ERP practice, with the largest team of Acumatica developers in the world. Our essential suite of Acumatica products (Now branded as Fusion since the acquisition of Fusion in 2022) include Commerce Connectors, B2B Solutions, Marketplace Integrations, Shipping Integrations, Payment Gateways, Point-of-Sale, and Warehouse Management systems, and will help achieve your Omni-Channel vision with Acumatica as the source of truth!


Customer Reviews

Reiter, Fred
Wayne Water Systems
Seamless WMS Integration
March 31st, 2021

The Fusion WMS provides a robust set of functions and is seamlessly integrated into the Acumatica Framework. We are running Acumatica 2019 R1 and the Fusion code allows us to Create Shipments with dedicated pick locations, allows multiple pickers to pick using zones with handheld barcode readers, uses license plates to create containers/packages, integrates with our EDI provider to create UCC-128 labels which then allows ASN's to be automatically sent upon order confirmation. The small package "Pack-Station" system allows us to verify orders as we pack and then rates and creates shipments with our small package carriers to provide shipping labels as well as UCC-128 labels and ASNs automatically upon confirmation. Looking forward to more great functionality from Fusion

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